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"Komornicka. The Ostensible Biography" [PHOTOS]


“Komornicka. The Ostensible Biography” is a “theatrical investigation” of Maria Komornicka's bio. Maria Komornicka (1876-1949) was a Polish modernist writer,  who has lived over half of her life as a mannamed: Piotr Włast.

After many years of the oblivion, Maria Komornicka was redescoverd, and automatically has become an icon of  the Polish feminist criticism. Once more, the authors of the performance, try to solve the mystery of her life, beyond the dichotomy of the “mad woman” and the “saint.




Komornicka1Michał Jadczak2 (Custom)
Komornicka2Michał Jadczak1 (Custom)
Komornicka3Michał Jadczak3 (Custom)
Komornicka4Michał Jadczak2 (Custom)
Komornicka-DominikaJarosz (Custom)