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The European Festivals Association (EFA) releases a publication and film for its jubilee

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EFA 60 Years On

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On the occasion of the 60th anniversary celebrations of the European Festivals Association (EFA), the festival network released its jubilee publication and first film entitled "60 Years On: Festivals and the World".

"The ‘European Festivals Association: 60 Years On!' is a book about EFA and its 60 years as a network for solidarity, growth, diversity, and artistic endeavour. It’s a book for the people; a book about Europe in times of transitions and enlargement; a Europe in the process of re-invention, as well as the formation of Europe as a cultural project. It comprises the nature of cultural networks and their mission, their added value, their projects and what they mean to their members. And, of course, this is a book about festivals as platforms for artistic creativity and social actions deeply rooted in society," says EFA President Darko Brlek.

Eminent festival directors speak about EFA’s past and current meaning for the citizens of Europe and around the world. They will share their personal experiences and what they see would be EFA’s continuing contribution to cultural Europe. 30 authors – partners from sister networks, insiders, friends and supporters – from across the globe present their visions for 60 years on: Franco Bianchini, Jan Briers, Darko Brlek, Hugo De Greef, Frans de Ruiter, Kathrin Deventer, Jelle Dierickx, Bernard Foccroulle, Enrique Gamez, Ching-Lee Goh, Marie Gouy, Gavin Henderson, Henk Heuvelmans, Peter Inkei, Nora Joumblatt, Gintautas Kevisas, Tamás Klenjánszky, Salvatore Marra, Manuel Martin, Christopher Maughan, Jonathan Mills, Piñeiro Nagy, Dusan Sidjanski, Jacqueline Steels, Galin Stoev, Ary Sutedja, Yossi Tal-Gan, Daniël Termont, Mike Van Graan and Biljana Zdravkovic. The Jubilee publication is available on the EFA eShop at www.efa-aef.eu/en/activities/shop.

Being at once insightful, atmospheric and informative, the first EFA film "60 Years On" captures the mosaic of festivals and activities which characterise the Association. It features statements of Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council; José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission; Androulla Vassiliou, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism, Sport, Media and Youth; and Doris Pack, Chair of the Culture Committee of the European Parliament; as well as Darko Brlek , EFA President, Artistic and General Director of the Ljubljana Festival; Frans de Ruiter, Director Conservatory The Hague, President of the European House for Culture, former EFA President; Hugo De Greef, Co-Founder of the European House for Culture, former EFA Secretary General; Yossi Tal-Gan , Director of the Israel Festival, Jerusalem; Premil Petrovic , Conductor; Tamás Klenjánszky, former EFA Secretary General; Robyn Archer, Creative Director of the Centenary of Canberra (2013), Artist; and Kathrin Deventer, EFA Secretary General.

The statements are accompanied by compositions of Ennio Morricone and André Feldhaus. Ihe Italian composer Morricone wrote "Notturno - Passacaglia", dedicated to clarinettist Darko Brlek and flautist Massimo Mercelli, on the occasion of EFA’s 60th anniversary. It is performed in 2012 at the Emilia Romagna Festival, the Vilnius Festival and in Mexico City with the University Orchestra. It was recorded for EFA’s film with I Solisti di Perugia.

The film was realised by Editor-in-Chief Nadin Deventer and Editor Oliver Taranczewski. It is available for download with subtitles in various languages (English, French, German, Italian, and soon more) on the EFA Jubilee website and the EFA YouTube Channel.

During the EFA Jubilee Gala between May 23rd-25th 2012 in Bergen, Norway, both the publication and the film were presented to 180 representatives of festivals, sister festival associations, cultural networks, policy and media from 46 countries and regions of the world. The EFA Jubilee was hosted and co-organised by the Bergen International Festival.