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Seeking artists for Istanbul’s 8th Visibility Project, Turkey



Time: Between October 25th and November 4th


E-mail: [email protected]

Website: http://www.galataperform.com

Source: http://www.galataperform.com/en/index.asp

GalataPerform has been active since 2003, and has been located in a second floor apartment of the historical district of Galata. It has served as the production space and main stage of the Ve Diğer Şeyler Theatre Company (VEDST), founded by the playwright and theatre director Yeşim Özsoy Gülan, and has been open to artists and audiences of different disciplines. Recently its main focus has been concentrated on providing a space for new writing in contemporary theater and performance while keeping its concentration on providing an independent alternative space. Various projects include Performance Art Days, Exchange Projects, Visibility Projects and New Text New Theatre Projects.

Since 2005, the Visibility Project has been creating a special dynamism in the district of Galata; a special place for artists, visitors and belief systems. The project pushes the artists out into the streets and out of their working spaces to interact directly with the public. The concept of visibility is operating between the artists and the people and also in between the different disciplines of the art itself. It brings great emphasis on the independent expression in theatre and also dynamism to the region while making the region and its agents visible to the general public.

This year the Visibility Project 8 will take place on November 3rd. The Project involves a workshop period with end results being exhibited in just one single day; November 3rd 2012. The project aims to present 12 different stories in relation to Galata district’s current cultural situtation bringing together works of performance executed in a public sphere.

The Visibility Project 2012 have invited three artists that are working specifically in the public sphere with the community in the fields of performance and sound art from Romania, Poland and Egypt between October 25th and November 4th to create works for the Project.

The works can be adapted to Istanbul and the project but preferably we request the artists to create work specific to the project. The project aims to open a discussion through panels, workshops and presentations of aspects of community art.

Artists interested in participation may send a biography with portfolio to the email: [email protected]
GalataPerform will cover travel and accomodation fees (plane ticket – hotel – per diem).