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International EEPAP Theatre Laboratory Pressure Oppression Emancipation

The 4th session of the Laboratory is organised as part of the “Desant” educational project which has been carried out by the East European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP) since 2012 and is addressed at artists, critics and theoreticians of performing arts in the Eastern Partnership countries. The Desant activities are rooted in local reality and related to a specific socio-political context; they combine workshop elements with theoretical reflection and are created in close cooperation with partner organisations.


The Laboratory does not aim to treat the participants as students, or passive consumers of knowledge. Instead, it engages them in the realisation process of specific artistic projects. Working groups formed during the meetings work on specific performative projects to be presented later in public and independent institutions in different regions of Ukraine. The most important aim of the cyclical meetings is to facilitate joint intellectual work that could assist in finding alternatives for the anachronistic and oppressive theatrical system that dominates in Ukraine; to develop new models of artistic and organisational action and to foster creative and theoretical reflection on current events.


Laboratory session in Lublin Pressure-oppression-emancipation organised during the Theatre Confrontations Festival will focus on performative strategies of defining and problematizing oppressive moral, political and aesthetic systems; on emancipation projects characteristic of specific cultural spaces; on the role of censorship and auto-censorship in art. The meeting will be organised as a seminar. Its participants will watch and discuss the festival performances, take part in meetings and lectures given by the festival quests and, simultaneously, continue working on their projects.

The meeting in Lublin will also feature screenings of a movie made during the previous session “Hero-image” as well as presentations of work-in-progress by the participants. The next Laboratory session will take place in autumn 2015 in Kharkiv.

The cyclical character of work within the Laboratory is designed to produce a series of performative and interdisciplinary projects which would focus on the experiences of the participants of the Lab - as artists and citizens working in a specific cultural, social and political context.

Desant curator: Joanna Wichowska / EEPAP

Cooperation: Viktor Sobiijanskyi, Iryna Chuzhynova / Kiev, Oksana Dudko, Viktoria Schvydko / Lviv; Mykola Homanyuk / Kherson

Instructors: Marcin Cecko, Joanna Wichowska

Co-organisers: Theatre Platform / Kiev; Art Workshop Drabyna and the First Scene of New Theatre Drama.UA / Lviv; the Centre for Youth Initiatives Totem and the Kherson Regional Department of Sociological Association of Ukraine / Kherson


Artemij Anyshchenko, director, the head of the “Mrij Dim” Festival (Pryluky); Olena Apczel, director, lecturer at the State Academy of Culture (Kharkiv); Pavlo Arie, playwright (Lviv/Berlin); Ihor Bilyc, director, founder of the Bilyts Art Centre actor studio (Kiev); Galina Dzikayeva, director, actress (Simferopol/Kiev); Iryna Harec, playwright, founder of the Poltavan Theatre Laboratory (Poltava), Den Humennyi, playwright (Kiev); Jana Humennaya, playwright (Kiev); Lubow Ilnicka, theatrologist, literary director of the Les Kurbas Lviv Academic Theatre (Lviv); Maria Jasinska, theatrologist, translator (Kiev); Walentyna Jeremenko, director (Kiev); Tetiana Kicenko, playwright, journalist (Kiev); Yevgeniy Merzlakov, actor, playwright (Luhansk/Cherkasy); Julia Maslak, director, lecturer at the Karpenko-Kary National University (Kiev); Oles Pavlutin, director (Cherkasy); Anton Romanov, director (Simferopol/Kiev); Roza Sarkisian, director, founder of the De Facto theatre (Kharkiv); Margaryta Shyn, director (Oleksandriia/Kiev)