East European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP) supports the
development of contemporary performing arts (dance and theatre)
in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Tibilisi International Festival of Theatre, 25.09-08.10.2015, Georgia


Tbilisi international festival of theatre is one of the most important cultural events of autumn Tbilisi. Besides Tbilisi, the festival has become one of the main performing arts events in Caucasia and in the Black Sea countries. Since the creation of the festival, and with much effort, we’ve been trying to become one of the chief “participants” on the international cultural map.
The festival serves to the enhancement of the cultural landscape. Every festival has its own, unique style and many of them have attempted to become the platforms for discussion. The discussion about the differences of the forms and the stories; new attitudes and unique, brand new viewpoints; modern, unrevealed worlds and their possibilities. Escorted by the audience and the participants of the festival, we want to uncover the world which will enhance our imagination and emotions. We want to go beyond! We want to meet the cultures, yet concealed from us! We want to follow the path that the actors only will unravel to us…

The Festival runs every year by the end of September, beginning of October and is one of the major events in International life of Georgia. But not only - it is becoming one of the main performing arts events in Caucasia, attracting attention of the most well-known, creative, provocative and innovative theater productions from the world, a meeting point of Europe and Asia, of many countries and places in one of the most beautiful, warm, unique theatrical and cultural TBILISI, the capital of Georgia.


The full festival program can be found here.