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ColectivA, Romania

Information about institution: 

Colectiv A is a cultural NGO founder member of the contemporary art space Paintbrush Factory from Cluj.
Colectiv A’s main objectives are the international festival of performing arts and video image, Temps d’Images, and the community project At the Playgrounds – Common Space in Manastur. Colectiv A aims to participate at the development of the local cultural scene by research laboratories, contemporary dance workshops, productions of interdisciplinary performances, artistic residencies, participatory cultural projects etc.
Colectiv A has its center in the Paintbrush Factory and it participates actively at the dynamics and the development of this space through the projects it proposes.


Miki Braniste

Is a cultural manager, president of Colectiv A Association and Director of the Festival TEMPS D’IMAGES. She is interested in art as a development tool of the community in which she activates. Preoccupied by the economic and social-political transformations which occurs within the global society, she is involved in cultural projects together with the artists inspired by the image of our times.

Lala Panait

Is an urban anthropologist and a cultural manager. In the past years she has been interested in discovering and promotion of new forms of artistic expression, forms that have a social and political impact. She believes in cultivating community - participatory projects as a source of optimism in Romania. We live in a country in which the artistic environment can’t remain passive anymore… not at all!

Simina Corlat

Specialized in communication and PR, theater studies and project management, completed her studies at the Babes-Bolyai University in 2012. She is interested in cultural projects dealing with issues as directly related to the socio-political reality of Romania and the world as possible. She has been a permanent collaborator of Colectiv A Association since 2011, being part of the project team of the Temps D’Images Cluj Festival. She is also assistant manager of the contemporary art space The Paintbrush Factory in Cluj.

Ani Mărincean

Is the one spending most of her time with the volunteers. Each year she aims to get closer to self-organizing and farther from leadership in dealing with the volunteering, sitting side by side with them and encouraging as much as possible the initiatives. Furthermore she considers necessary for the volunteer not to work only behind the scene, but being in close relation with the theme of the performances, lectures and debates. The experience in Temps d'Images remains not only in images for the volunteers, but also the time they understand, debate and criticize the image. In what extent she succeeds remains to be seen during crucial and tense moments while organizing the festival.