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Temps d'Images Cluj Festival, Romania

Information about institution: 

Each year, the Temps d’Images festival explores subtle connections between art and society, reflecting within its program themes that we consider to be important nowadays. Why did we choose to talk this year about spiritual and material nourishment? What is the connection between art and food?

Performing arts are the visible meeting point between body and soul. Sometimes the body speaks for itself, is a living archive of spiritual and daily bread. The body is not just a vehicle applying thoughts and desires, it requires as much attention as the spirit. If we are concerned with feeding the spirit, in the need to find motivations to go further on, it is time to start taking notice of the daily food that maintains the body to be present in the world. 

Between a man well fed spiritually but starved physically or a poor spirit with a satiated stomach, we try to find the balance in which we can act in the future. Wondering what feeds us, we propose an experience at leisure, in which to find our own thoughts or new dilemmas, tasting together food for both body and soul. 

Miki Branişte 
for the Temps d’Images Team


Short history: 

Initiated in 2002 by the ARTE French television channel and La Ferme du Buisson, Temps d’Images expanded gradually at European level through partnerships with 10 cultural operators. Temps d'Images in Romania had its first edition in 2008 and has evolved constantly since then, developing initially as an interdisciplinary platform that supports innovative artistic forms uniting theater, dance and video art. As a member of the European network that bears the same name, the festival has found, in time, its own local particularity, supporting artistic creations that also have civic key of lecturing, understood as a means to figure out a society in a constant change.


Temps d’Images in Cluj helps affirm the interdisciplinary creation and artistic research through international co-productions, research laboratories, representing it as a label for artists with interdisciplinary interests. Through the European project, its organizers aim to support financially and logistically the young artists in their creative approaches and provide a framework for high quality professional exposure.