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Workshop: Engaging Society – Theatre & Politics on and off stage (Prague, Czech Republic)


Engaging Society – Theatre & Politics on and off stage. 19 – 20 October 2015 in Prague (Czech Republic)


Organised by the Archa Theatre – one of the Czech Republic’s foremost space for alternative drama, dance and music- the workshop combines in-depth information on the role and practices of political theatre with practical best-practice examples of current socially specific theatre.

Contributors include the founder of Arch Theatre – Ondřej Hrab, Tomas Vrba of New York University, Jana Svobodova and Philipp Schenker (vadi-nevadi.cz) Jiri Havelka and Ondrej Cihlar (Dechovka), Linda and Mathias Straub (artists focused on participative theatre) and art activists Ztohoven, who just repaced the flag over the roof of the presidential residence in Prague Castle with a large pair of red boxer shorts.

The organisers invite artists, directors and creative leaders from European performing arts houses to join them for this workshop on the future role of the arts in a (political) society.

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