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Dorina Khalil-Butucioc - Researcher ASM; lecturer AMTAP; Contemporary Drama Centre (CDC); theater critic

Short biography: 

Dorina Khalil-Butucioc was born on 21/11/1975 in the Republic of Moldova and has finished her university studies with a graduation thesis The paradigm of the absurd in Ionesco’s theater” and with a postgraduate doctoral thesis „National dramaturgy of the 90s in the (con)text of postmodernism”. She works at the Academy of Sciences of Moldova as a Research Scientist and at the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts as Professor of Drama Theory.

D. Khalil-Butucioc is the Secretary responsible for the scientific journal of the ASM „Arta. Audiovisual arts series. She has published in Romanian, Russian and French. Her articles on Moldovan and universal contemporary drama and theater were published in scientific journals Arta, Viata Basarabiei, Limba romana, Revista de lingvistica si stiinta literara, Intertext, in volumes „Parcours féminins: l’intellectuelle”, „Itinerarios hispánicos”,  „Academica. Grigore Vieru – poetul”, in magazines Teatru, Teatrul azi (Romania), TheatresCultures (Greece), Apsaros (Georgia) etc.

Dorina Khalil Butucioc participated in the meetings of young theater critics organized by the IATC in St. Petersburg between 12 and 17 April 2011 and the International Meeting of TransAmériques Festival of Quebec / Montreal, Canada, 23 May-5 June 2012. She is the laureate of Young Creators Forum, Theater Critic department, organized by the Theatrical Unions CIS, Chisinau, 6-13 June 2012.  Dorina Khalil Butucioc has won the Junior Grant in the Thesaurus Poloniae Fellowship program, Poland, Krakow, September 29 - December 28, 2014.

Dorina Khalil Butucioc is one of the founders and the director of the Contemporary Drama Centre (CDC). She has organized several international theatre projects.

Dorina Khalil Butucioc is a member of the Theatre Union of Moldova (UNITEM) and the International Association of Theatre Critics (IATC \ AICT). D. Khalil-Butucioc participated in several national and international conferences, seminars and theater festivals.  

The most important projects: 
  1. Organizer and moderator of several play readings in Contemporary Drama Centre (CDC), Chisinau, 2013
  2. Organizer and moderator of the project «Déjà lu...» in Contemporary Drama Centre (CDC) / UNITEM, Chisinau , 22-29 February, 2013
  3. Founder and moderator of the Dramatic Criticism Workshop „ABC”, Contemporary Drama Centre (CDC) / UNITEM, Chisinau, 2013
  4. Project Coordinator of a rehearsed reading as part of the partition Ion Sapdaru,  Romanian Cultural Institute „M. Eminescu” in Chisinau, June 9, 2013
  5. Organizer with AMTAP, ARS DOR, CDC of a lecture by Professor of Georgia Levan Khetagury entitled Contemporary theater and language expressions, Chisinau, April 15, 2013
  6. Moderator of the press conference Kanazawa butoh Kan, dance troupe of Japan in the Days of Japanese Culture in Chisinau, Theatre „E. Ionesco”, June 3, 2013
  7. Moderator of the public reading of the German writer Julia Schoch, in collaboration with the Center for German Culture "AKZENTE", Chisinau, September 25, 2013
  8. Coordinator of the project „Days of Contemporary German Drama in Chisinau”, I edition, Moldova, Chisinau, in collaboration with the Center for German Culture "AKZENTE", February 23 –  March 1, 2014.


  1. International Theatre Festival „[email protected]-2013”, Bielorus, Moghilev, 21-27 March 2013
  2. National Playwriting Competition, III Edition (UNITEM and CDC), 20 october 2012 – 31 January 2013
  3. Radio Theatre Gala 2013, Chisinau, Compania „Teleradio-Moldova”, 18 November – 27 December 2013.


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