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Jagna Anderson - freelance artist and curator

Short biography: 

JAGNA ANDERSON lives and works as a multidisciplinary artist and art historian/curator in Berlin. Her artistic practice opens up new spaces in-between vocal performance art, choreography, installation and performative interventions into the urban environment.
Anderson's current works question relations and caesuras of perception in the field of tension between voice, speech and visual coding. She creates micro-utopian encounters as ephemeral laboratories at the interface of sonics and semantics, aesthetics and politics.

Besides her solo work Anderson embarks gladly on collaborative projects: She is the founder of p.u.r.e. – performative urban research ensemble (2016), a member of the experimental vocal quintet Medulla and of the multidisciplinary art collective WAH (Weber – Anderson – Helschinger). Together with Dodi Helschinger she mantains since 2015 impro:per:arts – a research and production platform for non-disciplinary real-time arts.



The most important projects: 

"Un lieu es incompréhensible ..." a choreography for drei_d_poesie project of Haus für Poesie Berlin, in cooperation with Uferstudios_Berlin, KNM Ensemble, dance-aarts.cie

w//e can be us - an intercultural walking art project in the non-place of the Berlin Wall

p.u.r.e. walks & p.u.r.e. access - performative city walks and a participatory approach to dance mediation adequate also to people with motor disabilities.

DONA JAGDI - a vocal composer/performer duet with Dodi Helschinger


International cooperations: 

IIIF - International Interdisciplinary Improvisation Festival / Research Group / Amsterdam - London - Gothenburg



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