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Jivko Jeliazkov - Choreographer

Sylwia Śmigiel
Short biography: 

Jivko Jeliazkov is the art director of Derida Dance Center.


  • 1999 – Graduate of The National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts(NATFA) in Sofia with BA degree in Drama Theatre Acting & Directing
  • 2001 - Specialization- Dance Theatre Directing (NATFA)
  • 2002 - Specialization – contemporary choreography "Victorian College of the Arts", Melbourne, Australia


  • 2004 - until present, art director of Derida Dance
  • 2010 Co-founder of DERIDA Dance Center
The most important projects: 

The most important projects:

  • 2004 - Co-creator of Fairplay Golf Hotel & Spa, Benalup (Cádiz) theatre project, Spain
  • 2004 - until present, art director of Derida Dance
  • 2010 - Founder of DERIDA Dance Center- the first private contemporary dance center in Sofia;
Achievements, key awards: 

Jivko Jeliazkov won the prize for Best Contemporary Choreography in 2001, Sofia. He was also the supervisor of the „Probiotic for the contemporary dance in Bulgaria” project - one year training program for freelancers.

International cooperations: 

International cooperation:

  • Between 2004 and 2008 he supervised a private theater in Andalucía, Spain which developed projects with artists from Bulgaria, Spain, Cuba, Wales, Scotland, France, among others
  • Jivko Jeliazkov currently co-operates with Pro Progressione (Hungary) and the Dance Theater „Aura” (Lithuania)


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