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Mykola Homanyuk - sociologist, lecturer, author, director

Short biography: 

Mykola Homanuyk - project manager, author and director of documentary plays, sociologist based in Kherson, Ukraine. He works as a lecturer at Kherson University, project manager at Kherson City Centre of Youth Initiatives “Totem” (http://cmitotem.wix.com/cmitotem#!main/c1e2d), , and as a chairman of the Kherson Regional Department of Sociological Associate of Ukraine (Херсонское областное отделение Социологической ассоциации Украины /ХОО САУ) (www.soc.ks.ua)

He was an art-director of the Theatre Center named after Meyerhold (Kherson) and a curator of Annual Theatrical Festival “Luty/Fevral” in Kherson. Currently he co-curates ongoing theatre and art projects at Totem, including contemporary art festival Terra Futura and the platform СОУС (SOUC) – South Ukrainian Culture (http://coyc.com.ua/)

On his initiative and under his rule a number of international projects of Totem and XOO CAY took place: photo exhibitions, media archive "Instinct of photo self preservation" "Way through cultures", “Dialog of generations”. He is an initiator and conductor of numerous socio-theatrical projects, such as “The voice of society” (2012) – a cycle of research, workshops and small theatre productions on identity and contemporary life of Kherson people, ““Democracy word-for-word” - a yearly series of artistic and educational events promoting democratic models (2013), “Witness on Stage” (2014), “Theater of  Understanding” (2015). He has been a co-author of several theatre projects, including: "I remember when Lenin died..."(playwright and stage director, 2011); "Dominoes in Yiddish” (playwright, 2011); “City on the Ch." staged at Taras Shevchenko Cherkassy Regional Academic Theatre, 2011 (co-author of the play together with N.Vorozhbit, M.Nikityuk, Ye.Markovsky); Ukrainian-German project "Comrade Gorch Fock" (playwright, 2012); "Stockholm Syndrome" (project manager, playwright, 2013). In 2014 and 2015 he created numerous performances on contemporary social life in Kherson and Ukraine. Mykola is also a journalist and publicist, writes music and poems.

He has cooperated with EEPAP since its beginning, taking part in EEPAP meetings, and co-organizing EEPAP project in Ukraine, including The Desant workshop for theatre directors and playwrights and a production of the blitz-performance “A day when nothing happened” in Kherson (2013), and the sessions of Theatre Laboratory undertaken in the frame of EEPAP educational project DESANT. He initiated and co-curated (together with Joanna Wichowska /EEPAP) the 3rd session of Theatre Laboratory in Herojske, Pokrovka and Kherson “Hero – Image - Dramaturgy” (August 2015).

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