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Tanja Miletić Oručević - Theatre director, academic lecturer

Sylwia Śmigiel
Short biography: 

Currently working in the theatre faculty at JAMU Brno.

Born in Sarajevo in 1970. Graduated in 1999 from the drama directing department of the Ludwig Solski State Theatre School in Cracow. She has directed more than 30 professional theatre performances in theatres of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Macedonia, the Czech Republic and Italy.

Co-founder of the Independent Theatre Studio Laznia in Cracow. Her first projects were performances produced at Laznia: Jean Genet's “Maids” and Slobodan Šnajder's “Snaks's Skin”.

She was one of the founders of the Acting Department at the Faculty of Humanities in Mostar. Since 2000 she has been lecturing and teaching drama (acting, dramaturgy) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 2007, as a Ph.D student at JAMU in Brno, she has been working on international drama teaching programs (Erasmus and others). She has been participating in many international theatre projects and networks.

She speaks Polish, English and Czech and has translated dramatic works from these languages. She published an anthology of contemporary Polish drama called "Mortal kombajn" in Sarajevo.

The most important projects: 

Most important projects:

  • Jean Genet's "Maids", Laznia Krakow
  • Slobodan Šnajder "Snake's Skin" Laznia Krakow
  • Mark Ravenhill "Shopping & F***ing", MESS Sarajevo
  • Sarah Kane "Cleansed" MESS Sarajevo
  • Feral Tribune Cabaret, Putujući teatar Hasije Borić, Sarajevo
  • Damir Šodan" Night of..." MTM Mostar
  • Maksim Gorkij "Lower depths" BNP Zenica
  • Irfan Horozović "Garden with fountain", Festival Dionysia Rome
  • Almir Bašović "Re: Pinochio", CTC Skopje
  • Glassraum (The Glass Horizon), JAMU Brno and PQ+ Prague Quadrienalle international project

She has participated in:

  • main program of the International Theatre Festival MESS in Sarajevo (3 times)
  • the International Festival Dionisia in Rome
  • the Bienalle of Young Mediteranian artists in Neapol
  • PQ+ programme of Prague Quadrienalle
  • Gulliver Connect internship
  • workshops of ASSITEJ
  • lecture at IETM conference
  • guest lecturing at universities in Brno, Paris (Sorbonna IV) and Opole
  • many international projects and conferences organized in south-eastern-Europe region


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