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Tina Peresunko

Sylwia Śmigiel
Short biography: 

Deputy director of the state enterprise “Newspaper and Magazine Publishing House of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine”. Today Tina Peresunko coordinates the web-portal “Culture”.

Born in Kiev in 1982. Education: Master of international marketing and advertising. In 2008 she received her MA diploma on the topic: “Forming the principles of social marketing in the promoting of the national cultural product” (at this time the draft for the law “The National Cultural Product” was being worked out in Ukraine).

For 3 years Tina Peresunko has worked as a host of the state radio “Culture”. She has had the opportunity to communicate with experts and practitioners in the art sector and participate in the organization of a large number of cultural projects as PR Manager (Festivals “Ukrainian Christmas”, “Ukrainian Spring”, “Karnavalia”, “Stecenko’s Easter”, cultural-educational project "Unknown Ukraine", others). In an effort to promote authentic Ukrainian culture, she organized the presentation of the international maritime campaign Cossack gulls "Pokrova". She wrote a lot of cultural articles in printed and electronic publications.

Most important projects:

In her work as Press Secretary and social partnership advisor to the Minister of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine Vasyl Vovkun, she has attempted at a state level to implement some aspects of the cross-sector partnership and innovations in the cultural policy of the country. Later, she continued to work on the creation of the network of professional cultural communications, working as the deputy director of the first Ukraine’s news agency of the cultural industries.

Today Tina Peresunko coordinates the web-portal “Culture” supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine. The idea of this portal is to implement the model of public administration in the field of cross-sector partnership and social marketing, and efficient information policy in the field of culture. It is supposed to become a source for new knowledge for specialists and state managers, artists and experts, young curators and art-managers. In addition to provide access to knowledge, it will become a platform of communication between artists and sponsors, mass media and public officials, community organizations and cultural and educational centers. It aims to establish a cultural communication between Ukraine and the whole world which will help to promote the national cultural brand of Ukraine abroad.

Tina Peresunko is a member of the National Union of Journalists in Ukraine.
As a journalist she participated in the Istanbul European Media Encounter. She also wrote a report on the structure and financing of performing arts in Ukraine for IAM.

Plans, objectives: She wants to get professional knowledge of cultural marketing and gain access to the European cultural policy standards in order to establish partnerships with the foreign colleagues and become a channel of current updated knowledge for this branch.

She also sees the necessity for creating the specialized agency in Ukraine “Center for Marketing of Culture”. Using the instruments of the social marketing, the center is to provide professional and cultural studies which will provide results to help develop the cultural and educational programs, this at the request of the state and the international organizations in the field of culture. In addition the center has to implement effective instruments in the marketing communications between players of the art sector (artists, state, business, mass media, public, foreign agents) and to facilitate the harmonization of social partnership in the cultural spheres of the state, strengthening of the authority of the arts in the country, the actualization of the cultural heritage, and forming the actual models for the advancement of the Ukrainian culture in the world (in this direction she holds interest in the experience of the National Cultural Centre and Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw).

She has already registered two domains for the future cultural portals with the support of the Ukrainian and international funds: 1. www.culture-ua.org (“Cultural Space” – the register of the cultural institutions and creation of the professional map of the cultural communication in Ukraine); 2. www.euroculture.in.ua (“Portal of All-European Cultural Policy in Ukraine” – to promote the standards of the European legislation and the state tools in the field of cultural policy, communication in the public cultural sector, and the presentation of expert recommendations by the European specialists concerning Ukraine’s European integration).

Tina Peresunko sees the necessity for professional education «Marketing Kultury» (the joint program of the Postgraduate Education of the National Center of Culture and the Warsaw University) and to undergo a study course at leading institutions of Poland (the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the National Center of Culture, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, www.culture.pl, www.mapakultury.pl, www.platformakultury.pl).



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