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Tomaž Toporišič - Dramaturg, professor, translator, theatre theoretician and critic

Sylwia Śmigiel
Short biography: 

Tomaž Toporišič (PhD) works in the Mladinsko Theatre / Slovensko Mladisko Gledališče.

His primary research interests are the contemporary performing arts and literature, specifically the interaction between the two fields.

Research areas:
Cultural Studies, Sociology of Theatre, Semiotics of theatre, XX. And XXI. century theatre and drama, Postdramatic theatre, Performing arts, Performance studies, Performativity, Theatricality, Crisis of the dramatic author.

From 1997 to 2003 Tomaž Toporišič was the artistic director of the Mladinsko Theatre, Slovenia.

In 1995 he co-founded Exodos Festival of Contemporary Performing arts, has published numerous papers on literature, aesthetics, cultural studies and performing arts. Currently he is a dramaturg of the Mladinsko Theatre in Ljubljana and a professor in the department of Cultural Studies at the University of Primorska in Koper.

The most important projects: 

He is author of books: Between Seduction and Suspiciousness (Slovenian Theatre of the Second Half of the 20th Century), 2004. The Vulnerable Body of Text and Stage, 2007. Ecdyses of Drama and Theatre, 2008. Reader Drama, Text, Scripture, co-edited by Petra Pogorevc, 2008.

As a dramaturg he has worked with most prominent Slovenian as well as other European directors: Vito Taufer, Oliver Frljić, Matjaž Pograjc, Diego de Brea, Eduard Miler, Meta Hočevar, Barbara Novakovič, Jan Decorte, Francisco Ortuño, Damjan Kozole, Branko Potočan, Silvan Omerzu and Zdravko Haderlap.

Some selected performances:

  • Herbert Achternbusch-Eduard Miler: ”Susn” (SMG, 1993)
  • Ibsen-Meta Hočevar: ”Ein Familienalbum”, (Wiener Festwochen, 1994)
  • Dušan Jovanović-Meta Hočevar: ”Uganka korajže” (SNG Drama, Ljubljana, 1994)
  • ”Maria Theresia”, Tanztheater Ikarus, Wiener Festwochen, Zdravko Haderlap, 1996
  • B. Brecht-Matjaž Berger: ”Galileo Galilei” (SMG, 1996)
  • Jan Decorte: ”Song of Songs” (SMG, 2007)
  • Shakespeare-Diego de Brea: ”Titus Andronicus” (SNG Drama, Ljubljana, 2008)
  • Shakespeare-Vito Taufer: ”The Tempest” (SMG, SNG Maribor, SSG Trst, Cankarjev dom, 2008)
  • Dostojevski-Diego de Brea: ”Crime and Punishment” (SMG, 2009)
  • O. Frljić: Damned be the Traitor of his Homeland, (SMG, 2010)

A reader (co-editor):
Occupying Spaces: Experimental Theatre in Central Europe, 1950-2010, TACE International Project, SGM, Ljubljana, 2011.
Recent articles in English:

Achievements, key awards: 

Tomaž Toporišič has won Borštnik national award for dramaturgy in 1992. He also was member of BITEF Festival International Jury, 2002.

International cooperations: 

International cooperation:
Secratary General of Slovene Centre of Mediterannean Theatre Institute,

Curator of the exhibitions:

  • 1994 – Prague Quadrennial of Scenography and Costumography (National Section: Meta Hočevar),
  • 2007 - Prague Quadrennial of Scenography and Costumography (National Section: Meta Hočevar),
  • 2011 - Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space (National Section).


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