East European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP) supports the
development of contemporary performing arts (dance and theatre)
in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.



East European Performing Arts Platform announces an open call for the third EEPAP Residencies / Internship Program - 2014.

The residencies / internships are co-organized by our partner institutions and organizations from Poland and Romania. They will take place in September, October and November of 2014. The length of the residencies varies from two to three weeks.

Due to critical political situation in Ukraine, this year the EEPAP Residencies/Internship Program is dedicated exclusively to the performing arts curators, producers, mangers, theatre educators and critics living and working in Ukraine.

List of the offered residencies / internships:


Festival organized by ColectivA, more info: www.colectiva.ro
Duration: two weeks
Dates: November 3rd to 17th, 2014
Residence Code: CLUJ-1
One position
Profile: performing arts curator, cultural manager, critic
Responsibilities: taking part in organization activities, working with international companies and festival guests; presenting the Ukrainian art scene during the festival

2. International Festival Konfrontacje Teatralne, Lublin, Poland
more info: www.konfrontacje.pl
Duration: two weeks
Dates: October, 5th to 20th, 2014
Residence Code: KTL – 1
One position
Profile: festival producer, project manager, curator, critic
Responsibilities: participating in the preparation and production of the main festival program and additional festival events; working with international companies and guests; contributing to the critical coverage of the festival events (f.e. reviews, interviews, reports)

3. Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute, Warsaw, Poland
more info: www.instytut-teatralny.pl
Duration: three weeks
Dates: November 2014 (exact dates will be arranged upon the agreement between the host institution and the chosen applicant)
Residence Code: TI – 1
One position
Profile: international projects manager, theatre critic
Responsibilities: internship in the International Project Department of the Theatre Institute, participating in the promotion and organization activities

4. Wielkopolska: Revolutions, Poznań, Jarocin, Rozdrażew, Poland
the project organized by Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region
more info: www.wielkopolska-rewolucje.pl
Duration: 9 days 
Dates: September, 8th to 16th, 2014
Residence Code: WR-1
One position
Profile: art, social and educational projects curator, socially engaged art critic, theatre and art educator
Responsibilities: internship during chosen events of the Wielkopolska: Revolutions project: assisting to project curator and artists during the final phase of the rehearsals of  two theatre productions realized with the participation of the local communities in two towns of the Wielkopolska region


Successful applicants will be provided with:

  • free accommodation
  • flight/train/bus tickets
  • stipend to cover living expenses (the amount of the stipend will be set according to local conditions)

CLUJ-1 and KT-1 residences will start several days before the festivals events and continue through the whole festival program. Chosen curator, critic, manager or producer is supposed to participate in the final phase of the festival preparations as well as different organization activities during the festival.

TI-1 and WR-1 internships will include assisting in particular activities of the host organizations: contributing to the ongoing work of the International Project Department of the Theatre Institute in Warsaw (IT-1), and participating in the final phase of the rehearsals of two theatre productions of the Wielkopolska: Revolutions project (WR-1).  


The third EEPAP Residence / Internship Programme 2014 is dedicated exclusively to the citizens of  Ukraine.

Eligible Profiles: curators, managers, producers, critics, educators working in the field of performing arts (for details: please, check the list of residencies).  

Applicants for the CLUJ-1 residency and TI-1 internship should be fluent in English. In case of TI-1 internship, priority will be given to the applicants who have basic knowledge of Polish.

Applicants for the KTR-1 residency and WR-1 internship should be fluent in English or Polish.

In WR-1 internship some preference might be given to the curators, managers, and producers working in the field of socially engaged art and non-formal art and theatre education.

 Please note:

  • there are no age limitations
  • there are no limitations regarding the institutional/organizational background of the applicants
  • candidates can apply for more than one residency/internship: but the successful applicant can take part in only one of them
  • successful residents/interns will be asked to submit written report after the residency/internship is completed
  • the applications from the individuals based in other countries than Ukraine will not be accepted

 How to apply

 Please prepare the following documents:

  • Short, clear motivation letter- elaborated upon your interest in the proposed residency profile (max one page)
  • Filled application form (your personal data, educational and professional background, summary of your previous work etc.)

Please send them (in the pdf or word format) to the following e-mail addresses: [email protected] with a cc copy to: [email protected] and [email protected]

Please write "Residency 2014 + your name +  last name" in the title of the e-mail.

Application deadline: July 15th, 2014

Selection Procedure:

The choice of the applicants will be made by a committee formed by the members of the EEPAP team and the organization hosting the residency/internship.

 The selected applicants will be contacted directly by the organizers:

  • WR-1 resident will be notified by August 10th
  • TI-1, Cluj-1, and KT-1 will be contacted by August 15th

The final results of the open call will be published on EEPAP website by August 20th, 2014.

For further information please:

Program Curators: Goran Injac, Joanna Wichowska
Producer: Daria Odija
Contact person: Ewa Molik ([email protected], [email protected])

Important note:

This year EEPAP RESIDENCY / INTERNSHIP PROGRAM will consists not only of  residencies based on open call, but will also support several artistic residencies designed for the particular Ukrainian artists selected upon recommendations and agreements with the partner organizations. Artistic residencies upon special invitation are focus on concrete artistic projects / productions and co-organized by Mostar Youth Theatre, Bosna and Hercegowina, Centre for Culture in Lublin, Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw, Poland and others. The names of 5 invited artists and the details about the artistic residencies will be published on the EEPAP website by the end of August.