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ACT Association, Bulgaria

Information about institution: 

ACT is an association of  Bulgarian non-governmental organizations and individual artists working in the sphere of theater and performing arts. Founded in 2009.

The ACT Association was created by a group comprised of eight performing arts practitioners in 2009 and it was later opened for newcomers. At the moment the organization has more than 40 members, both NGOs and individual members.

The aim of ACT is to expose the new generation of artists who are dedicated to their individual independent search for contemporary expression. It is not an artistic platform, but rather an organization that serves as a megaphone for the specific needs of the independent performing arts in Bulgaria. During its three years of existence, ACT has established firm contact with Bulgaria's cultural and funding institutions in an effort to achieve adequate working conditions for the independent performing artists in Bulgaria.

Creators: Irina Goleva, Ognian Golev, Svetozar Georgiev, Gergana Dimitrova, Vassilena Radeva, Mladen Alexiev, Ida Daniel, Vesselin Dimov.
2011 autumn activities team: Julia Dencheva, Mladen Alexiev, Vesselin Dimov.
2011 counseling team: Gergana Dimitrova, Vassilena Radeva, Svetozar Geroriev, Alexander Manuilov, Petar Meltev. Current chairperson - Ida Daniel.

ACT is member of IETM. Winner of the Small Season SFUMATO Award in 2009.

The most important projects:

  • 2009 - Practical research and mapping of the activities of Bulgarian independent scene since 1989
  • 2010 - Independent Theatre Evenings – a joint initiative with Mladezhki Teatar (Youth Theatre) (Sofia)
  • Establishing a framework that provides options for independent productions to be presented on one of the theatre’s stages under better contracting conditions
  • Conference on Independent Theatre – in cooperation with Sfumato Theatre Laboratory (Sofia). A two-day long conference on independent production in the field of performing arts, featuring international guests-speakers Alexander Opitz (Bundesverband Freier Theatre, DE) and Zoltan Imely (MU Theatre, Budapest, HU
  • Proposal for changes to Sofia Municipality’s Culture programme, to reflect the needs of independent artists
  • 2011 - Negotiation with Spaces. Negotiations with several non-theatrical spaces and theatres (including the National Theatre) in order to create a network of venues and rehearsal premises for independent productions
  • Participation in Working Groups for Reforming State Cultural Policy. The Association is actively participating in workgroups about the Performing Arts Bill that is currently being revised

Coming soon:

  • “First Festival of Independent Productions” – 16-20 November, 2011. A festival that will present the current Bulgarian independent scene in its full diversity and attract new audiences. It will also promote the independent model of work in the field.
  • IETM Caravan visit in Sofia – Sofia, 17-20 November, 2011

Objectives: ACT seeks to achieve equality with the other independent performing arts in Europe. Adhering to European values and practices, we want to improve the working conditions of Bulgarian independent performing arts, namely:

  1. Separate sessions for funding independent projects of performing arts by public institutions (ministries, municipalities and other entities);
  2. Preferential conditions for the use of the existing performing arts infrastructure;
  3. When receiving support, independent projects should be financed with a minimum of 70 percent of the amount requested;
  4. Clear conditions and laws for easier interaction of NGOs and freelance artists with government structures;
  5. Clarify and legalize the status of the artist working freelance.