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International Performance Art Festival "Navinki", Minsk, Belarus




Viktar Piatrou, e-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

Website: http://www.navinkifestival.org/

Navinki 2009-Viktar Piatrou

Viktar Piatrou is the curator of “Navinki”. His major project started in 1999, where for the first time after the fall of the iron curtain, the Belarusian audience was enabled to view examples of independent art. It turned into a regular art event, bringing international artists together every autumn in Minsk.

In performance art, where the artist meet his/her audience face to face even when crowded, sincerity and mutual interest is the key to a successful experience.

In Belarusian, "Navinki" means "new things"/"new events", and it is something you would experience with every new meeting, a new meaning, a new turn, the discovery of something new in yourself. Respecting it as an important value, the festival never had any other specific theme or topic.

The festival soon became a remarkable and influential event in the contemporary art life in Belarus. The recent years have seen performance art gaining bigger popularity among artists and it attracts quite an audience. Every festival displays new names and reveals new artistic ideas. During the last 12 years over 500 performances have been presented, and over 300 foreign artists have participated. The program of the festival has included artists from Belarus, Poland, Island, USA, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Austria, Germany, Spain, Nothern Ireland, Italy etc.  40 new artists have appeared on the performance scene in Belarus. The festival gives possibilities for Belarusian artists to participate in the international art scene.

In 2001, "Navinki" got a significant international recognition when it was included into a world wide association of performance art organizers http://iapao.net. To this date, Navinki is the only regular annual independent international art festival in Belarus.