Восточноевропейская платформа перформативного искусства (EEPAP)
поддерживает развитие современного перформативного искусства
(танца и театра) в 18 странах Центральной и Восточной Европы.

Seeking theater performance with Roma actors, Prishtina, Kosovo



Qendra Multimedia
Rr. Xhelal Mitrovica p.n.
Teatri Dodona
10000 Prishtina

Time: end of May 2012

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.qendra.org

Qendra Multimedia

Qendra Multimedia from Prishtina is looking for a theater performance preferably enacted in Roma language (or any other language) with Roma actors for a Roma cultural week. The event will be organized in the end of May 2012.

Qendra Multimedia is looking for small production from the region around Kosovo (Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina), but proposals from other EU countries are welcome. Costs of travel, food and accommodation will be covered.

Please get in touch if you know of a group fitting to what Qendra Multimedia is looking for.