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"Automatic recording", Poznań, Warsaw, Poland [PHOTOS]


Time: Between May 11th - 13th in Poznań, 18th in Warsaw

Creators: the Body Snatchers Theatre

"Automatic recording" premiered on March 2nd 2012 in Poznań.
This is Maciej Adamczyk’s second play for the Body Snatchers Theatre, and his first play "Very" was awarded at the prestigous fifth National Review of Contemporary Monodrama in Warsaw.

The play can be seen between May 11th -  13th May in the Teatr Ósmego Dnia (the Eighth Day Theatre) in Poznań. For those interested, "Automatic recording" will also be presented on the 18th May as a part of the National Review of Contemporary Monodrama in Warsaw.

"The play creates a collage of various images, apparently compiled by free and witty, and sometimes rather irrational comparisons. The artists (Maciej Adamczyk and Katarzyna Pawłowska) do not evaluate the images, but maintain their rule of automatic recording which the artists employed in their the latest play. Automatism is a technique in which one records an individual’s process of consciously dysregulating their mind and its passive movements. It serves primarily to disclose the unconscious, and allows for the free play of ones imagination (...)"

Katarzyna Nowaczyk "New Critical Power" 8.03.2012



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