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OPEN CALL for dancers DADA HUB 2012 - Sopot, Poland


MCKA Bay of Art
Al. F. Mamuszki 14
81-718 Sopot

Time: 26th August – 4th September
Application deadline: July 30th 2012

All dancers interested in taking part in the DADA HUB 2012 are asked to send their e-mails to: [email protected], (subject: Dada Hub)

Website: www.dadateatr.pl

"Several Witty Observations" of the Dada von Bzdülöw
photo: Janusz Matuszewski 


Hub - a focal point around which various events take place.
Dada Hub is a new concept of contemporary dance technique workshops housed in a remarkable studio in Sopot, held by Dada von Bzdülöw choreographers. The project aims to bring together dancers, choreographers and artists with similar interests, who want to share their experience and bring ideas and creative energy to the table.

Leszek Bzdyl:

"The workshop should be as undefined as the whole of the Dada von Bzdülöw: while dancing I think of theatre, while creating theatre, I think with a dancing body. Perhaps it's not an overly broad question, but only in this way for me dance and theatre become an interesting art space, only in this vast duality can I find inspiration and fancy the definitive encounter with the viewer.

25 years of our experience resulting from this two-vector pressure seems to be some kind of infinite wealth, which should be shared. On the other hand, those 25 years of experience says that what was defined yesterday, today, must be verified. Thus, we'll be defining and verifying..."

Studio location:

Workshops will be held at the MCKA Bay of Art in Sopot, a remarkable modern and spacious studio overlooking the sea. It serves as a new Sopot residency structure with a goal of encouraging artistic creation and production.


This year, for 10 days, all-day workshops (80h total) will be held by the founders and choreographers of the Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre, Gdańsk, Poland. The target group will consist of 25 advanced dancers from Poland and abroad. Instructors: Katarzyna Chmielewska and Leszek Bzdyl and Radoslaw Hewelt (Vienna) and Julia Mach (Vienna).

All four workshops (20h each) will focus on contemporary dance techniques, improvisation and composition, as seen from the Dada Theatre artists' perspective shaped through 20 years of experience.


Participants will be selected in relation to their experience and application filing date (up to 25 persons).

On contacting us, the artists are asked to return the Dada Hub Application Form and will then receive more information and details about the content of the DADA HUB workshops.


Workshop participation fee: 120EUR (paid on site at the first day of workshops).

Inexpensive accommodation at the Dada Studio will be offered.
Lunch at the MCKA Bay of Art restaurant will be offered to all participants (4EUR/day).