Восточноевропейская платформа перформативного искусства (EEPAP)
поддерживает развитие современного перформативного искусства
(танца и театра) в 18 странах Центральной и Восточной Европы.

Summer Seminars of the Grotowski Institute, Wrocław, Poland



Time: September 17th – 28th

Programme co-ordinators: Dariusz Kosiński, Sylwia Fiałkiewicz

For more information look at: http://www.grotowski-institute.art.pl/index.php, http://www.grotowski-institute.art.pl/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1290&lang=en

Contact and recruitment:

Summer Seminars are designed for a closed group of up to 20 participants selected through an application process.  
Please send a letter of interest to Sylwia Fiałkiewicz at: [email protected]. The application should include the following basic information: name, age, place of residence, telephone number, place of study/work and research interests.

There are still open positions for participants.

The price is 350 EUR/200 EUR (for Central and Eastern European participants), and will cover the cost of the programme and coffee breaks. It does not cover accommodation or meals. The organizers will offer assistance in finding accommodation if needed.

source: http://www.grotowski-institute.art.pl/index.php

For 2012, the Grotowski Institute has invited two prominent scholars who bring new perspectives to the topic of performance research; Prof. Jon McKenzie (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Prof. Jean-Marie Pradier (Université Paris 8).

The first week will host a series of seminars with Prof. Jon McKenzie, the author of the influential book "Perform or Else" and one of the most important exponents of contemporary performance studies. The second week will include workshops with Prof. Jean-Marie Pradier, the founder of ethnoscenology, an original research perspective that explores cultural performance practices, especially in traditional cultures. Both our international guests will hold open lectures.

In addition to these seminars with Professors McKenzie and Pradier, the Grotowski Institute will hold lectures and presentations on Polish theatre and performances. In the first week, Prof. Dariusz Kosiński (Jagiellonian University; the Grotowski Institute) will give a series of lectures on the work of Jerzy Grotowski. In the second week, contemporary Polish performance will be discussed by one of its leading figures, Joanna Warsza.


17th–21st of September
Prof. Jon McKenzie (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Seminars "SeminarLab in Smart Media"

Prof. Dariusz Kosiński (Jagiellonian University; the Grotowski Institute) Lectures "Jerzy Grotowski: Wandering towards a Primal Temptation"

21st of September (Friday) 6pm
Prof. Jon McKenzie: "Smart Media and Performative Scholarship"
Open lecture/Admission free

24th–28th of September
Prof. Jean-Marie Pradier (Université Paris 8)
Seminars "Ethnoscenology: New Trends in Interdisciplinary Approaches to Organized Human Performing Practices (OHPP)"
28th of September (Friday) 6pm
Prof. Jean-Marie Pradier: "Between Sciences, Art, and Spirituality"
Open lecture/Admission free

25th–26th of September
Joanna Warsza (curator of performative projects)
Workshop "How to Do Things with Art"

Alongside these four series, the organizers will present a number of closed screenings of documentary footage of Jerzy Grotowski’s and his Laboratory Theatre’s work. The most important phenomena of contemporary Polish theatre will also be shown during these screenings. If time permits, the project participants will also have the opportunity to conduct their own research utilizing materials from the Grotowski Institute’s Archive.