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Call for Week-End of Discoveries, Lubljana, Slovenia



Slovensko mladinsko gledalisce, Ljubljana, Vilharjeva 11, Slovenia

Date: March 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Website and more information: www.mladinsko.com

source: http://www.mladinsko.com/domov/


  • Friday, March 1st, 19:00 KLISTIRAJMO SRCKA! (On purge Bebe/ Going to Pot)

Duration: 70 minutes; translation into English and French (Mladinsko Theatre, Vilharjeva 11)

Playwiright: Georges Feydeau; director: Oliver Frljic; actors: Neda R. Bric, Ivan Peternelj, Dario Varga, Ivan Godnic, Boris Kos, Dasa Dobersek, Damjana Cerne.

A new project of Oliver Frljic based on a controversial late familiy farce On purge bébé (Going to Pot).

Frljic explains the project as follows: "By staging this text in Mladinsko I'm trying to accomplish several things. First, I'd like to change the prevalent and superficial perception of my work. In this project I problematise the expected methods of representation, by staging a play by an author for whom theatre was in the first place a vehicle for entertainment. But in this questioning of the representation method, or, to be more precise, in the part of the performance that is happening in the backstage, the space for the subjectivisation of an actor is beginning to open. The actors waiting for their cue to enter stage sit behind scenery, in front of another audience and try to actively structure this time".

  • Friday, 1st of March, 21:30 (Mladinsko Theatre, Vilharjeva 11) PREKLET NAJ BO IZDAJALEC SVOJE DOMOVINE! (Damned be the Traitor of his Homeland!/ Maudit soit le traitre a sa patrie!)

Duration: 75 minutes; translation into English and French (Mladinsko Theatre, Vilharjeva 11)

Director: Oliver Frljic; performers: Primož Bezjak, Olga Grad, Uros Kaurin, Boris Kos, Uros Macek, Draga Potocnjak, Matej Recer, Dario Varga, Matija Vastl; production: Mladinsko Theatre.

Oliver Frljic radically deals with love and hate for theatre in the performance.

  • Saturday, 2nd of March, 17:00 (Mladinsko Theatre, Vilharjeva 11) AMADO MIO

Duration: 80 minutes; translation into Italian and English

Based on a novel by Pier Paolo Pasolini; director: Ivan Peternelj; actors: Ivan Peternelj and Blaz Sef.

Possibly one of  Pasolini's most intimate works that develops alongside with the memories of the wonderful town of Idrija, where the author lived when he was nine, Amado mio is a story of love.

  • Saturday, 2nd of March, 21:00 (Mladinsko Theatre, Vilharjeva 11) RAZREDNI SOVRAZNIK (Class Enemy/ L'Ennemie de classe)

Duration: 100 minutes; translation into English

Based on the play by Nigel Williams, the performance by Vito Taufer and documentary materials. Director: Borut Separovic; actors: Boris Kos, Zeljko Hrs, Uros Macek, Marko Mlacnik, Blaz Sef, Uros Kaurin.

The play won a prize for the extraordinary expressivity in the border areas between the theatre and other arts, or creativity in the widest sense ,at the 39th International Festival on New Theatre INFANT in Novi Sad, Serbia. The jury wrote: "The play ‘Re-de-construction: Class Enemy’ moves the borders of the spectacle to the authenticity of the experienced, both on the conscious and the unconscious level, thus producing a creative aggressiveness which attacks all the spectator’s senses. "Class Enemy" poses the question of when exactly the theatre stops to be the theatre and becomes life by a very distinctive treatment of the performer’s space and elements within it".

  • Sunday, March pf 3rd, 19:00 (Mladinsko Theatre, Vilharjeva 11) PORTRETI 2 (Portraits)

Duration: 110 minutes; translation into English and French

Director: Vito Taufer; actors: Robert Prebil, Marusa Geymayer Oblak, Primoz Bezjak, Desa Muck, Uros Kaurin.

Vito Taufer looks into the phenomenon of luck and happiness, which was on the rise in the 1990s in different fields of science.

  • Sunday, 3rd of March, 22:00 (Mladinsko Theatre, Vilharjeva 11) NEDOLZNI (L'Innocente)

Duration: 65 minutes; translation into English

Based on a novel by Gabriele d'Annunzio and a screenplay by L. Visconti&collaborators. Director: Diego de Brea; actors: Uros Macek, Romana Salehar, Draga Potocnjak, Matej Recer, Olga Grad
L'Innocente  (1976) is the final work of the grand film maker Luchino Visconti.

The intimate triangle takes place in the villas of Roman aristocracy where the decor is thoughtfully chosen, in the sensual atmosphere of Italian country palaces, where Visconti’s heroes in luxurious costumes, in their haughty distance from their own emotional worlds, seem to be frozen in time.