Восточноевропейская платформа перформативного искусства (EEPAP)
поддерживает развитие современного перформативного искусства
(танца и театра) в 18 странах Центральной и Восточной Европы.

Zawirowania Dance Theater Festival, Warsaw, Poland



Time: June 23rd - 30th

How to book

Zawirowania Dance Center
Phone: +48 228634417, +48 605332320
E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.zawirowania.pl, www.facebook.com/zawirowania

Zawirowania Dance Theater Festival was first organized in 2005
and since then it continues to be a meeting for dance theaters from all
over the world. The aim of the festival was always to confront artists
from countries without a great tradition of contemporary dance with
those who represent the power of the genre. Zawirowania is meant to be slightly different to the mainstream contemporary dance. This festival presents performances, where movements express a truth about the World, the human being or the present. The meeting in Warsaw should become an inspiration to create international spectacles.

The organizers of the festival are Zawirowania Dance Theatre and
Contemporary Scene Foundation. Most of the Festival’s events take place in the Studio Theater and the Stara Prochownia Theatre. For a week artists from Europe, Asia and Africa will compare their experiences and inspire each other. A mutual exchange of performances with Israel resulted with three extraordinary evenings presenting six various performances.


Sunday 23rd

  • Opening performance Zawirowania Dance Theatre "Navigation Song BD303", 18:00 Stara Prochownia
  • Kata Juhasz Dance Company "That’s alright with me", 20:00 Stara Prochownia

Monday 24th

  • Aura Dance "Kill the Victor 1863", 18:00 Studio Theatre Small Stage
  • Kolben Dance "Kmehin", 20:00 Studio Theatre Big Stage

Tuesday 25th

  • Aslı Bostancı & İlyas Odman "Tales is no language", 18:00 Studio Theatre Small Stage
  • Pal Frenak "Hymen" 20:00 Studio Theatre Big Stage

Wednesday 26th

  • Moving Borders "Nosotros", 18:00 Studio Theatre Small Stage
  • Taoufiq Izeddiou "Rev’Illusion",  20:00 Studio TheatreBig Stage

Thursday 27th

  • Hilde Elbers & Johnny Schoofs "The Undercurrent", 18:00 Stara Prochownia
  • Nadar Rosano & Ido Tadmor "OFF-LINE Empty Room AND Mr.", 20:00 Studio Theatre Small Stage

Friday 28th

  • China New Wave "Something like this Chong Passage of Time",  17:00 Stara Prochownia
  • Jus de la Vie "Pas de deux sans toi", 19:00 Studio Theatre Small Stage
  • ISUM Dance "Small Chat", 21:00 Studio Theatre Big Stage

Saturday 29th

  • Jus de la Vie "Antithesis", 17:00 Stara Prochownia
  • China New Wave "Lucy" 19:00 Studio Theatre Small Stage
  • Liat Dror & Nir Ben Gal Dance Company "Up Chi Down Chi", 21:00 Studio Theatre Big Stage

Sunday 30th

  • TanzLaboratorium "Cruelty of Possibility", 19:00 Studio Theatre Small Stage
  • ProART "String Quartets", 21:00 Studio Theatre Big Stage