Восточноевропейская платформа перформативного искусства (EEPAP)
поддерживает развитие современного перформативного искусства
(танца и театра) в 18 странах Центральной и Восточной Европы.

CONEXIS z.s, Czech Republic


Pilsen Busking Fest 2015 - Umění blíž!

Information about institution: 

The basic and main purpose of the association is to contribute its own operations to achieve the common good and public benefit, particularly in the area:

a) culture, arts, education and training, social and public cultural development, cultivation and improving interpersonal relationships and public space, support and development of science, research and development, sports, health and healthy lifestyles, environmental protection

b) other cultural and social interests of the defending the common good and public benefit.


Short history: 

Short history

2014 - June - Melina Mercouri Day - European Neighbourhood Day 2014

Within the END 2014, under the working title Perpetuum, we organized one of the local events in Pilsen quarter Skvrňany. Translated name of the event was the „Café Pohoda under the skies”. Here we built the stage, tent and ensured sound and refreshments for visitors and artists. Afternoon program was held for all ages contains a presentation of KVK organization (christian freetime culture center), presenting young producers of diy longboards Mayhem Longboards, talking about self-sufficient houses - "Earthship", drumming workshop and concerts of local bands The Osels, Adolpho and songwriter "J".

2014 - September - Pilsen Busking Fest 2014

We organized the first ever festival of street arts in Pilsen from 20 to 26. 9. 2014. During the whole week performed around 50 - artists from different genres from singer-songwriters, multi-genres bands, clowns to the theater. Secondary program was an exhibition of photos and art objects. Main stage of the festival, and his heart was placed near the statue of famous composer Bedřich Smetana in the Smetana Park. The festival didn´t have any foreign artists, becouse we wanted to test how the public will react to the unusual form of the festival.  We got great feedback and it was good motivation for us to organize next year edition.
2015 - September - Pilsen Busking Fest 2015

After a successful first edition, we organized its continuation. The festival was held from 21 to 26.9. 2015 and societies Pilsen Live os. and Oupn Ér o.s. also organized it with us. The festival has grown over large parts of the city of Pilsen and had 3 major scenes – First  was called „U Branky“ with a high-capacity tent, a stage and a bar, the second called “Proluka” where the large stage and a beer tent was and the third On the Republic Square, where the Street Dance Scene was. During the Festival featured 70 artists or groups from the Czech Republic and abroad (there were 20 international artists or groups). The program was more varied than during the first year. In addition to the traditional genres of music, mime performances, theaters, we gave space to the youngest schoolchildren in reading short stories by famous czech writer Karel Čapek and Pilsner legend Ota Heler brass band or band Pilsner thirty-fifth Infantry Regiment called Foligno designed more for older visitors. More information you can see on the festival website: www.buskingfest.cz

The most important projects: 

Most important projects

Jan Šinko 

2012 - 2016- Místní Borci- Group Leader, organization and production over 100 concerts with international participation: https://www.facebook.com/MistniBorci/?fref=ts

2013 - 2016 - Founding member of a theater group ExTröma
2014 - 2016- Vice chairman of CONEXIS Z.S., a nonprofit organization engaged in organizing cultural events and environmental and social projects. 

Petr Terzl 

2014 - 2016 - Leading technical production for project „Summer Theatre under the Pilsen sky”
2012 - 2016 - Director of Technology of multicultural center Papírna - Pilsen,https://www.facebook.com/PapirnaPlzen/
2014 - 2016 - Director of Technology of Polotovar - Prague
2010 - 2016 - Chairman of Pilsen Live, https://www.facebook.com/PilsenLive/
2012 - 2016 - Vice Chairman of Papírna, z.s.
2012 - 2016 - Vice Chairman of talent 4 You, z.s.

Barbora Procházková 

2014 to 08/2015 – „Náplavka k světu“ Project Coordinator, https://www.facebook.com/Naplavka.k.svetu/
2015 - Pilsen Philharmonic - Production at the festival „Smetanovské dny“
2014 - Gottland - Production associated with the opening of the former cinema Elektra
2014 - Puppet Rock Festival – Organization of the music festival, media monitoring 

Kateřina Kračmanová  

2016 - Winner of dance competitions “Artescape“ in Spain and “Hup-Down“ in France
2016 - Authoress of a physical theatre play “Colours 4 Me“ with its opening in November.
2016 - Néo-GROOVE- Social work with children from socially excluded localities in Lyon
2015 - 2016 - Connexis z.s.
Organization and dramaturgy of Pilsen Busking Fest and production of Street Dance Stage at Republic square

Vilém Kout 

2006-2015 - Zion Culture Prague - planning and management of marketing campaigns; copywriting
2007-2008 - Fidiko Žamberk - Director of the company - management of cultural enterprise
1997-2002 - Festival.Kraliky.Com - business & PR manager 
1994-2000 VIK K-agency Kolín - the production / graphic designer 








Our biggest objective nowadays is the organization of Pilsen Busking Fest 2016. It is already a third edition of this street art festival in the Pilsen Region propagating culture, arts, education, training, public cultural development, improving of interpersonal relationships and using a public space. Busking is an act of performing in public places for gratuities and street performances should deepen relationships between our viewers and artists. The festival aims to support alternative forms of arts. Pilsen Busking Fest 2015 was hosting a local Pilsen musical duo playing a classical music by a czech composer, Antonín Dvořák, on empty bottles of Pilsen beer or a street techno drummer, Dario Rossi, from Italy. The following Pilsen Busking Fest is going to produce concerts by local Roma musicians to show the audience a part of their culture by playing a gipsy music. Another objective is a centralization of various types of arts so the performers could be inspired one by one and create new forms of arts and new international cooperations.The audience will have an opportunity to try street performing, to create their own clothing, to jam with the artists, to judge about winners of street dance battles or to vote on the biggest star of the festival. This year we would like to make the street dance stage more international and invite street dancers and DJs from the Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgary, Slovakia, Hungary and France. The aim of the international street dance stage is to inform the audience about a spirit of the minor street dance styles by organizing break dance, locking and house dance show, break dance, house dance, locking and all style battles, jams, concerts and parties at the Republic square in Pilsen city.

International cooperations: 

International cooperations

Last year we hosted at Pilsen Busking Fest foreign clowns, slam poets, mimes, artists and jugglers, for instance Circo Mambo from Spain and Papito from Argentina. The most expressive artist from a musical part of the festival was a solo musician, Jon Kenzie, from England. From Israel were invited musicians Echo & Tito, from the United States psychedelic rockers Weird Owl, from Slovakia musical duo performed by twins , TBee Girls, Italien street drummer, Dario Rossi, and many more talented artists. Last year for a dance part of the festival was invited Dj Tori Baba from Israel and DJ Deen from Slovakia.

The most important awards: 

Most important awards

Last year at Pilsen Busking Fest was organized just one, all style dance, battle and two boys from Canada, Greenteck and Walid won the competition. This year we will have one winner of a house dance, break dance and locking battle and after 3 winners of all style battle. Together 6 participants of the international battles will be awarded by our international judges, but the audience itself is going to decide about the final winners.



This year many international dancers will be invited to share their knowledge at a dance part of the Pilsen Busking Fest: "B-girl Queen Mary" from Bulgary who won for example a break dance competition Red Bull BC One in Bulgary or a b-boy "Pac-Pac" from France who is winning break dance battles all around the world. These two dancers are going to judge the break dance battles at the Republic square in Pilsen together with a Czech b-girl "Sweemo" who is successfully representing female break dancing at competitions in France or in the USA. A dancer representing a minor street dance style Locking from Hungary, "Pubi", will be invited for judging the locking battles. For the house dance battles will be invited a Slovakian house dancer, Andrej Urysiak, who is a house legend in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and has already won loads of house-dance battles. From Slovakia will be also invited DJ Deeno.