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Call for Applications: K3 – Centre for Choreography Tanzplan Hamburg Residency Program


Application deadline: August 14th 2016 (23:59)


As part of its residency programme, K3 provides three eight-month residencies per season to choreographers, who are currently at the beginning of their career, but have already produced some choreographic work of their own. The residency begins around the beginning or middle of August and runs until end of March / beginning of April of the following year.

The residency programme is one-of-a-kind because of its length of eight months and is closely linked to the other courses and professional training programs offered by K3. The residency includes mentoring and dramaturgical, technical, and production related support. It moreover links the projects proposed by the choreographers in residence closely to the various other on going programs of K3.

The goal of the residency is to develop and strengthen the connections between choreographic practice, research, artistic production, and qualification. The length of eight months should provide sufficient time and space for overcoming conventional rhythms of production and open up space for exchange with other artists and interested parties in order to receive new impulses and contacts. Over the course of the residency the three choreographers will each develop a full-length piece that is presented towards the end of the residency on the studio stage P1 on three evenings.


Application Requirements:

  • The applicant must be at the beginning of his/her career, but should also have already implemented some projects of his/her own.
  • The applicant is available for the entire duration of the residency from beginning/middle of August 2017 until end of March/ beginning of April 2018 in Hamburg.
  • The applicant is willing to participate in K3’s outreach programme and other events at K3.
  • The applicant is interested both in engaging in exchange with other artists, as well as with an interested audience.
  • The applicant already has some experience in / is interested in dealing with choreography on a discursive level, reflecting her/his own work, as well as working in a self-organised manner.
  • Only applications by individuals can be accepted. Applications by teams or ensembles cannot be taken into consideration.
  • We accept applications in all choreographic fields (also dance for young audience for example). There is no pre-setting or exclusion.


The residency programme covers:

  • a monthly grant
  • a production budget for the performances at the end of the residency
  • use of the K3 studios
  • an accompanying mentor support from the K3 team in the fields of dramaturgy, organisation, technical assistance, and public relations
  • active participation in the K3 outreach programme
  • participation in program on practical production skills
  • optional: participation in regular professional training and other workshops offered at K3
  • optional: participation in the “MA-Performance Studies” programme at the University of Hamburg


Required Application Documents:
The application period for the residency in the 2017/18 season begins July 08 2016 (12:00 noon).

The deadline is August 14th 2016 (23:59).

The application can only be made in English!

Applications must be made online via the application form, which will be activated during the application period and which contains e.g. questions concerning artistic background, motivation and details on the artistic project being proposed for the residency.

The online application form can be filled out, edited and saved during the application period (July 08 2016 to August 14th 2016 11:59 pm). All applications, which have not been sent to us by that time, will be deleted. It is not possible to apply in any other way or to extend the deadline.

You are free to rework your application anytime during the application period. Please don’t forget to save all changes made. For your own benefit you should save a backup on your computer!

When you have completed the application form and checked whether all information given is correct and complete, please send us your application  by clicking on the “send” button on the last page of the application form.

After you have sent the form, you will receive an email confirming that we have received your application. This email will contain all the details of your application. Please print out this email and send us two signed copies of the email by post. Deadline for postal application is August 15th 2016 (postmark).

Please note: Your application will only be complete if we receive both, the online application form, as well as two signed copies of the printed confirmation email by post. Incomplete applications will not be considered for the selection process.

We kindly ask you to provide videos of your work only through online video links (if possible please use vimeo.com because other online video sites can cause difficulties with copyrights and might be blocked in Germany). If for technical reasons you are not able to do so, please send us DVDs of max. of 2 projects by post (4 copies of each DVD). Please note that we will only accept DVDs with the formats .wmv, .mov, .avi, .mp4, .mpg.

K3 will not cover any costs for customs. Mailings, which cause costs will not be accepted! Please state clearly on the envelope that it only contains application material. The total amount of postage and value of your material must not exceed 20 Euro.

Please do not send us any further material other than that detailed above. Please refrain from sending costly portfolios. Please send all material in a form that can be easily filed.


For inquires please contact [email protected] or +49 (0) 40 / 270 949 -45