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ArtistResidencies.pl - First Polish Residencies Database


Artist Residencies  / artistresidencies.pl



Artist Residencies

The Artist Residencies website was launched in June 2016; its inception was preceded by an extensive research period. It is the first database of its kind to cover the whole of Poland. The aim of the website is to provide consistent information about artist residency opportunities in Poland as well as to foster cooperation between artistic institutions through sharing knowledge and experience, but also by supporting professional development of employees in the cultural sector. 



What are artist residencies?

If you are an artist in need of a suitable working environment to develop your career, you have an opportunity to apply for an artist residency. Enjoy a new milieu where residency hosts will provide organizational and curatorial support. You will be given a studio, materials and tools for creating a new artwork. Residencies are open to various disciplines: visual arts, literature, music, theatre, design, architecture, dance, cultural animation.



Polish artist residencies

There is a variety of artistic residencies in Poland. Their programmes differ in their aims, (production, research, site-specific work), time frames, acceptance criteria, stipends and types of curatorial assistance. Some of them are ran by big state institutions, others are offered by NGOs or other private institutions. Due to this diversity and a lack of a streamlined information source on all the residencies, the Artist Residencies website has been created to meet the need for a comprehensive knowledge base for Polish artist-in-residence programmes.



Website contents:

  • details on more than 30 Polish residency programmes
  • a quick reference guide with over 25 entries: case studies, articles, publications and reports from Poland and all over the world
  • updated information on what type of research is conducted by residency centers, residency openings and new events
  • networking opportunities and Polish residency programmes promotion




The Artist Residencies website was launched by the National Centre for Culture Poland in a partnership with Residencies Programme, Cenre for Contemporay Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw. 



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