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Open call for choreographic entries: Intimadance Festival 2018 (Tel Aviv, Israel)


The call for choreographic entries to be submitted for Intimadance Festival 2018 is still open. The key word of the Festival in 2018 is “Fracture”. The organisers are inviting proposals for new projects (20 min max) which face up to and are at home in the moment of fracture, which die off after exposure to the sound that gave birth to them. Premiere performances of the works accepted for the Festival will be held in Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv.

From the organisers:

The potential for fracture exists in every object. The object – inner or outer, animate or inanimate – reacts to the frequency of the sound that collides with it, vibrates in sync with its rhythm, and when the frequency is high enough, it breaks. A wine glass rattles without pause in synch with the sound it meets, and when this reaches its highest pitch, the glass shatters. Reality – especially over the last years – seems fragile, volatile, delicate, destined to be shattered. Political, financial, and social events around us directly trigger frequencies which set us into motion, force us to create and constantly react. Art is therefore its own frequency, a note composed as a result of a collision between the artist and reality. As events grow more important, a turning point occurs, where the force and velocity of sound waves transcend the ability of the entity to preserve its cohesion, shattering it to smithereens. This fracturing is a kind of physical, mental, and material expression. A breach of expectations, a crushing of dreams, a shattering of the heart.

As the awakening comes, so does the decision: whether to put the pieces back together or throw them away; to clear up the rubble or live with the debris; to rebuild/renew or wallow in despair.

Our natural frequency inculcates in our remains the understanding that we are not a homogeneous whole. The fracture gives rise to a new frequency, making it impossible to foresee the oscillations it will undergo and which will set it in motion. It is the frequency of infinite possibilities and of the potential grounded in the memory of one moment – the fracture.

Submissions should be emailed by 18 December to [email protected] with “Intimadance 2018” in the subject line.

The submissions should include:

- a preliminary description of the project

- bio(s) of the artist(s)

- contact information: telephone and email

- if applicable, additional material relevant to the project

The showcases will be held in early January, and the festival is scheduled for late June 2018.