Восточноевропейская платформа перформативного искусства (EEPAP)
поддерживает развитие современного перформативного искусства
(танца и театра) в 18 странах Центральной и Восточной Европы.

Summer Movement Directing/Teaching Intensive (Leitring, Austria); scholarships available


From the organisers:

This international workshop aims at performance and movement practitioners from all over the world interested in directing and teaching the movement for professional stage. Tradition, experience, eclecticism and innovation summarize the understanding of movement training for theatre. This unique course was created in this spirit.

The workshop (15-28 August, Leitring, Austria) is open to choreographers, directors, actors and dancers, instructors who work with actors and dancers, practitioners from sport and holistic mind-body practices interested to improve their understanding of practical and theoretical aspects of movement in contemporary performance   making and actors training for professional stage. 

Practical sessions are designed to enhance the skills of movement teachers and movement directors. During the workshop you will be able to learn how to make performance, how to work with actors and dancers, how to give instructions, how to teach and other important things needed to become a professional in your field.
This course offers a special vocational teaching in the field of movement for actors and production practice for movement directors.

There are opportunities for the development of individual movement skills, directing and teaching skills and their application to the work with actors, dancers and movers.

Several scholarships for participation are available.

More details and info on how to apply here.