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The Theatre Times: Spotlight on Poland


The Context of Contemporary Polish Theatre: Spotlight on Poland

"Upadki" [Downfalls] dir. by Justyna Sobczyk, Teatr 21, Photo by Marta Ankiersztejn from thetheatretimes.com


The Theatre Times' Spotlight on Poland showcases new developments in Polish theatre both at home and abroad. From performance reviews and interviews, to an ever-growing archive of essays, the series offers readers a window on the Polish theatre landscape.


Continuing its new Spotlight feature, TheTheatreTimes.com launches the Spotlight on Poland series on 27 March 2018. As Poland celebrates the 100th anniversary of its independence, the Spotlight on Poland will offer our readers a window on the diverse landscape of Polish theatre. Bringing together reviews, exclusive interviews, and articles, the Spotlight on Poland will be one of the largest English-language digital resources on contemporary Polish theatre.

Visit the Spotlight on Poland at https://thetheatretimes.com/latest/worldwide/europe/poland/


Highlights include the following: 

  • A special report on the 10th Divine Comedy Festival, showcasing the best Polish theatre of 2017, including such award-winning productions as Agata Duda-Gracz’s You’ll Be Pleased, Madam; or The Very Last Wedding in Kamyk Village; Marta Górnicka’s Hymn to Love; and Ewa Kaim’s Do Dna.
  • Selected reviews of productions, events, and festivals, including work by critically acclaimed Polish directors like Krystian Lupa, Maja Kleczewska, Anna Augustynowicz, and Cezary Tomaszewski.
  • Introductions to Polish theatre and research centers and institutions, including Cricoteka, HAT Research Center, Wrocław Puppet Theatre, Jewish Theatre, the Interactive Theatre Museum in Kraków, and Theatre 21.
  • Articles on the newest developments in Polish mainstream and independent theatre and performance, including on dramaturgy, directing, acting, theatre and disability, performance art, puppetry, theatre for young audiences, and theatre in higher education.
  • A selection of interviews with a wide range of theatre practitioners, from theatre directors like Piotr Tomaszuk and Marta Górnicka to leading key Polish institutions.
  • A collection of essays on the relationship between Polish theatre and the shifting political landscape of today’s Poland.
  • An extensive and ever-growing archive of materials on Polish theatre – over one hundred articles.


The Spotlight on Poland is edited by Dr. Kasia Lech in collaboration with partners Biweekly.pl, East European Performing Arts Platform, Cosmopolitan Review, and Culture.pl. A special report on the Divine Comedy Festival was prepared with the support of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute – the national institution of the culture of Poland.

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