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Young Curators Academy in Berlin: Open call for participants


Young Curators Academy

“sharing, listening, enabling, activating”

4th Berlin Autumn Salon

Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin, Germany

24 October  - 5 November 2019


In the course of the 4th Berlin Autumn Salon, Maxim Gorki Theatre Berlin is calling for participants to be part of the first edition of the Young Curators Academy in Berlin, initiated by Shermin Langhoff (director of Maxim Gorki Theatre Berlin) and Ong Keng Sen (Artistic Director of TheatreWorks Singapore and Founding Festival Director of Singapore International Festival of Arts 2014 to 2017).

One of the core formats of the 4th Berlin Autumn Salon is the Young Curators Academy. It will serve as an artistic and activist platform for discovering alliances, exploring affinities, and consolidating solidarities. A central empowerment of this international gathering will be the sharing of acts of deterritorialization, enabling transformation and connecting with other multiplicities. Over the period of two weeks, the Young Curators Academy intends to nurture public debate, focus artistic conversations, and act as an amplifier for resistance energies and intensities. The Young Curators Academy invites all interested individuals, who work at the crossings of art and activism, in particular those under challenging political, social and economic conditions, to apply for a place in the Academy to share their knowledge, reflect on and deepen their own practices from parallel experiences, and empowering each other.

The Young Curators Academy explicitly welcomes makers - young artists, thinkers, program producers - who are both creating their own events and developing new forms of authorship and curation. In this context, the term young is understood as pioneering practice, the curator as individuals who are part of different communities and desiring to activate them. The Young Curators Academy is designed for those who are initiating transfers between different micro-contexts, and enabling relocations of the self as well as new lines of flight beyond patriarchal borders. The Young Curators Academy forms an intersectional narrative of sharing processes and alternative belongings.
The Academy will be taking place in Berlin from 24 of October 2019 (arrival date) till 5th of November 2019 (departure date). English will be the language of communication.

The participants will participate in the events of the Berlin Autumn Salon, be engaged in a dialogue with hosts, international curators, and featured artists of Berlin Autumn Salon.
In a public event the participants will be expected to share a chosen project from their contexts, which enabled art and activism dealing with the topic of “Deheimatize Belonging”. It can be about consolidating belongings or bridging affinities or forming alternative alliances.

The YOUNG CURATORS ACADEMY invites individuals who have:

  • collaborated or engaged in pioneering practices
  • a desire to activate their networks in order to enable and transform their contexts and their communities;
  • a network or community; and
  • who are an artist or a maker of art, a producer or an enabler of art, a critic, writer or journalist, or an independent aspiring curator.

You must be willing to present and share in English for a public audience, a project from your context which enabled art and activism dealing with the topic of “Deheimatize Belonging” (approximately 15 minutes).

More details and info on how to apply here. The deadline to apply is 31 March, 23:55 CEThttps://berliner-herbstsalon.de/vierter-berliner-herbstsalon/open-call