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Call for Dance Videos: Cinedanza Festival, Modena (Italy)


From the organisers:

Cinedanza Festival is the first international competition and screendance festival in Emilia Romagna. We’re looking for short screendance film (10 min. max). After the first technical selection, your film can be shown at the 2-days-festival in October at Drama Teatro (Modena).
There are no thematic or gender limits. During the two days of the festival all the films that will pass a pre-selection will be screened (the list of selected will be published on the festival's homepage), and a jury will award the prizes to the three finalists.

The festival is held in Modena between 26 and 27 October.

To apply, you just need to submit your film on FilmFreeway here https://filmfreeway.com/cinedanzafestival

FilmFreeway is an international platform that works a bit like a social network: once you have created your profile in a few steps, you can participate in all the contests on the portal, upload your films there and pay the registration fee through PayPal.

Costs for participants: $22 USD

Contact the organisers at: [email protected]

The deadline to apply is 26 August 2019. More information here