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Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre – Tour in Poland



Time: March 2012

Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre
Holy Spirit Street 26/30/13

e-mail: [email protected] Leszek Bzdyl e-mail: [email protected]  phone:(+48) 501763066 Katarzyna Chmielewska e-mail: [email protected]  phone:(+48) 604880558

Website: http://www.dadateatr.pl/menuen.htm

source: Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre

9th March 21:00 “Caffè Latte”
The Białystok Puppet Theatre - Białystok
Kalejdoskop Festival

11th March 11 19:00 “Caffè Latte”
Od Nowa - Toruń
Klamra Festival

21th- 22nd March 19:00 “Le Sacre”
Coast Theatre in Gdańsk/ Big Stage

March 23rd 20:30 “Caffè Latte”
Stefan Jaracz Theatre in Lodz / Chamber Scene – Olsztyn
XX Theatre’s  Meeting

March 24th 19:00 “Le Sacre”
Theatre Imka - Warszawa
32 Warsaw Theatre’s meeting

Dada Theatre Fact File:

In 1993 Katarzyna Chmielewska (a dancer and a choreographer) and Leszek Bzdyl (a director and a choreographer) founded Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre.

Many of today’s generation of Tri-City dancers who determine the quality and strength of Tri-City stage now, made their first steps with Dada.

Dada Theatre organized numerous artistic events, e.g.: “A Day of Beautiful Society” (1996-2001) “Gdańsk Dance Corporation” (2002-2007), and has cooperated with many Tri-City and other Polish cultural institutions: Gombrowicz’s City Theatre in Gdynia, The Baltic Sea Culture Centre in Gdańsk, Klub Żak in Gdańsk, Theatrum Gedanense Foundation in Gdańsk, Old Brewery in Poznań, “Zamek” Culture Centre in Poznań, Re:visions Warsaw, The New Theatre in Łódź.

Since 2009 Dada Theatre has been in close cooperation with Coast Theatre in Gdańsk, where it was producing and making stage performances.

Dada artists have taken part in many international productions, such as: “The Rape of Europe” - Landscape X (Intercult, Stockholm 1998), “Drop Dead Gorgeous” - Vincent Dance Theatre (UK
2001-2002), “ODYS-SEAS” (Intercult , Stockholm/Gdańsk 2004), “Several Witty Observations” (Trans Danse Europe, Les Hivernales, Avignon, France 2004-2006), “Factor T” (Dance Advance, Philadelphia, USA 2007-2008).

Dada Theatre has cooperated with many leading Polish Jazz representatives and improvised musicians such as: Mikołaj Trzaska, Wojciech Mazolewski, SzaZa (Paweł Szamburski & Patryk

Till now Dada artists have performed in 21 European States, India and USA.

“Dada artists have contributed a new quality to our Polish understanding of theatre – by opposing the established divisions, Dada have overstepped the bounds of the provinces. Leszek Bzdyl
and Katarzyna Chmielewska make a new theatre, somehow over stepping the bounds of drama theatre and dance floor, and yet, firmly standing on stage. Hence perhaps, the irresistible impression that in contrary to a correct imitation that can be seen on a Polish stage so often, our “Dadaists” offer something genuinely native – without a complex.”
Jadwiga Majewska, www.kongreskultury.pl

Current repertoire of Dada Theatre: “Caffè Latte”, “Red Grass”, “Magnolia”, “Several Witty Observations”, “Bonsai”, “so beautiful”, “Complexion”, “Eden”, “Factor T”, “Le Sacre”

Apart from Leszek Bzdyl and Katarzyna Chmielewska, there are 10 other dancers who perform in the current repertoire of Dada Theatre and also make their own careers: Tatiana Kamieniecka, Anna Steller, Julia Mach, Ula Zerek, Izabela Chlewińska, Dominika Knapik, Rafał Dziemidok, Radek Hewelt, Filip Szatarski, Dawid Lorenc.

Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre is being regularly funded by Gdańsk City Council.