East European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP) supports the
development of contemporary performing arts (dance and theatre)
in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.




Regulations of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute’s eepap.culture.pl Portal


§ 1

  1. These regulations of the internet portal eepap.culture.pl (called later "Regulations”) describe the terms of use of the eepap.culture.pl portal as well as the rights and obligations of the Portal.
  2. The terms of personal data protection as understood by the bill from the 18th July 2002 on providing online services are described in the privacy policy section.


§ 2

  1. The Portal is owned and administered by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute with headquarters in 25 Mokotowska Street in Warsaw. The Adam Mickiewicz Institute is a state owned cultural institution that operates on the basis of an entry to the Cultural Institutions Register which is kept by The Minister of Culture. and National Heritage. The abovementioned entry is filed under the number RIK 70/2006 (Service provider).
  2. Comments on the functioning of the Portal may be submitted via e-mail to the address: [email protected].


§ 3
To access the Portal the User must have a device with Internet access and an internet browser that displays WWW sites.

§ 4

  1. Whenever the Regulations refer to a User, that reference concerns everyone who visits the Portal.
  2. Every User is obliged to comply with the stipulations of these Regulations from the moment in which he or she undertakes activities leading to the accessing of the Portal.
  3. When the User accesses the Portal the User thereby confirms that the User has become acquainted with the stipulations of the Regulations and the he or she accepts them.


§ 5
The Portal’s objective is to create a platform – a contact point for independent performing artists, curators, theatre critics, theoreticians, persons in charge of theatre and dance centres, and organisers of festivals. It encompasses eighteen countries: Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Poland. It is a repository of information about institutions, events, and persons from the project’s focus countries. It contains articles divided by country. The portal’s database contains biograms, articles about events and festivals, and presentations of institutions active in performing arts. The Portal allows individuals and institutions to publish their profiles, to add information concerning their activities or events they organise, and audio and video material.

§ 6
Accessing the Portal is free of charge unless separate stipulations concerning specific services state otherwise.

§ 7
The Portal has a registration and logging system.

§ 8
The Users are entitled to access the services of third parties through the Portal by means of appropriate links leading to the internet sites of third parties. The services of third parties are regulated by regulations and other documents formed by third parties. In such a situation the Service Provider is not a party in the agreement on providing online services which is formed between the User and the third party. The Service Provider is not responsible for the services provided to the User by the third party.

§ 9
Every person has the right to:

  1. Browse the Portal’s content
  2. Report abuses and mistakes noticed in the Portal
  3. Use the forms that may be found on the site


§ 10
Posting content on the Portal, which is illegal, offensive, vulgar, untrue, does not comply with the law which is commonly applicable on the territory of Poland, propagates violence, the use of drugs and other illegal intoxicating substances, is of a pornographic character, is morally or ethically objectionable or violates the common sense of decency, is strictly forbidden.

§ 11

  1. The Service Provider is entitled to modify the Portal’s services, tools and way of functioning in any way chosen. This does not entitle the User to make any claims against the Portal.
  2. The Service Provider is not liable, especially in a penal, civil or administrative way for the User’s use of the portal if the User doesn’t comply with the Regulations or with the law.
  3. Additionally the Portal is not liable for:
    1. Any disadvantages suffered by the User in result of improper saving or opening of messages. This especially refers to loss of data caused by device or system malfunctions or by other conditions that are not linked to the Portal;
    2. Breaks in the functioning of the Portal that occur because of technical reasons (conservation, inspection, equipment exchange) or reasons that are not linked to the Portal;
    3. Delays in the functioning of the Portal or damages resulting from the interferences of third parties, improper functioning of exterior elements and other systems (e.g. telecommunication network) that are not linked to the Portal;
    4. Damages caused by force majeure events (especially strike, war, flood, fire, etc.);
    5. Disadvantages suffered by the User as a result of hazards present in the Internet such as system hacking or the infection of the User’s system with viruses.

§ 12
The Service Provider has the right to remove any content which is not linked to the subject matter of the Portal or breaches regulations § 9 and 10 of the Regulations.

§ 13

  1. The Portal and the materials it contains are protected by commonly applicable law, especially by the Copyrights and Related Rights Bill from the 4th of February 1994 (i.e., J.L. from 2006, No. 90 pos. 631 with foll. ch.) and by the Law of Industrial Ownership (i.e. J.L. from 2003, No. 119, pos. 1117 with foll. ch.)
  2. Rights to the materials contained by the Portal are possessed by the Service Provider or by the Service Provider’s contractors. The abovementioned materials are presented in accordance with applied agreements signed with third parties, especially in accordance with agreements that transfer copyrights or in accordance with license agreements or commonly applicable law.
  3. Unless it is stated otherwise next to every material contained by the Portal, by accessing the Portal the Users do not gain any rights to the Portal’s content and the abovementioned materials are not licensed to the Users. Any use is limited strictly to the permitted use described by the Copyright and Related Rights Bill.


§ 14

  1. In the case of some services in the Portal the User may disclose his personal data – the disclosure is voluntary, it may however be required by a certain service of the Portal to operate.
  2. The processing of personal data by the Service Provider is conducted in accordance with the appropriate, applicable law, especially in accordance with the bill form the 29th of August 1997 on the protection of personal data (i.e. J.L. from 2002, No. 101, pos. 926 with foll. ch.) and in accordance with the bill from the 18th of July 2002 on providing electronic services (i.e. J.L. from 2002, No. 144, pos. 1204, with foll. ch.).
  3. The administrator of the personal data of the Users is the Adam Mickiewicz Institute with headquarters in Mokotowska 25 street in Warsaw. The Adam Mickiewicz Institute is a state owned cultural institution that operates on the basis of an entry to the Cultural Institutions Register which is kept by The Minister of Culture. and National Heritage. The abovementioned entry is filed under the number RIK 70/2006.
  4. The Service Provider processes the personal data of the Users solely in order to provide a certain service.  The extent of the abovementioned processing is determined by what is necessary to provide the service. The processing of the Users’ personal data for other than the abovementioned reasons will be conducted only after acquiring the User’s consent and only to the extent stipulated by an appropriate agreement.
  5. Every User has the right to browse and correct his personal data. Every User may demand that his or her personal data be deleted. Such a demand ought to be sent by post to the address mentioned in the foregoing p. 3. The abovementioned demand may also be sent via e-mail to the adress [email protected]. If the personal data is required by a certain service to operate than the demand for deleting the personal data is equivalent to a statement on the termination of the agreement that concerns the  providing of the given service.


§ 15
The Service Provider makes notice that the User accesses the Portal and uses the services it provides at his or her own risk. None of the materials posted on the Portal – or provided through it – come with a guarantee of their value, applicability, completeness, wholeness or usefulness.

§ 16
The Service Provider makes notice that he has the right to single-sidedly change the Regulations without having to disclose the reasons for such a change. All changes become effective in the moment in which they are published in the Portal in the “Regulations” section.

§ 17
Any complaints concerning the Portal’s way of functioning, which result from ignorance of the Regulations or from not complying with the Regulations, will not be taken into account.

§ 18
Cases, that are not regulated by the Regulations, are regulated especially by the regulations of the Bill on Providing Electronic Services and by the regulations of the Civil Codex.

§ 19
The Regulations are effective from the day in which they are published in the Portal.