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"KioSK festival 2012" by Stanica Žilina-Záriečie [PHOTOS]


The cultural centre Stanica, situated in an old, and still operational train station in Stanica Žilina-Záriečie, has since 2003 been an independent venue for creating links, an artistic laboratory and an activists’ collective.

One of the most important project of Stanica is the KioSK festival - the summer festival for contemporary productions from the Slovak independent theatre and dance scenes.

KioSK 2012

KioSK 2012

KioSk-1 (Small)
Kiosk-2 (Small)
KioSk-3 (Small)
KioSK-4 (Small)
KioSk-5 (Small)
KioSk-6 (Small)
KioSk-7 (Small)
KioSk-8 (Small)
KioSk-9 (Small)
KioSk-10 (Small)
KioSk-11 (Small)
KioSk-12 (Small)
KioSk-13 (Small)
KioSk-14 (Small)
KioSk-15 (Small)
KioSk-16 (Small)
KioSk-18 (Small)
KioSk-19 (Small)
KioSk-20 (Small)
KioSk-22 (Small)
KioSk-24 (Small)
KioSk-30 (Small)