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NGOmap Contest for local initiatives in the Eastern Partnership countries


For Eastern Partnership countries

Time: You may submit your ideas until September 16th 2012. The time for voting for best local initiative in each country is from the 17th until the 30th of September. The contest team will announce the results on October 1st.

Contact: http://ngomap.eu/contact-us/

, facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NGOmap.eu, twitter: https://twitter.com/NGO_map

Source: http://ngomap.eu/

The idea of the NGOmap Contest is to provide people with the possibility to submit online information about local problems, as well as proposals to different solutions. Do you not have the proper experience, team or money to put your ideas into action? Don’t worry, just submit your proposal, promote it and the organizers of this programme will invite you to take part in a special study tour to Poland. In the Polish capital of Warsaw, with the help from Contest Board, you will find out how to make it real.

What does "local initiative" mean?

For organizers it means that every action having connections with the local/regional environment can be a "local initiative": education, sport, charity, volunteering, culture, art, administration management, tourism, ecology, people-to-people contacts. A "local initiative" may be to organize a music festival in a hometown, starting a regional culture centre with music instruments for young bands, building a skate park etc.

Who may submit an initiative?

Anyone can do it; a non-governmental organization, local government groups, informal groups and individuals can all submit their proposals.

In which language should your ideas be submitted?

It’s up to you, and if you think that to submit your idea only in Azeri or Belarusian is enough, then that’s ok! But please mind the people out there who may vote for you initiative. Having information translated into English or Russian lets your chances for winning grow!

How to promote your initiative?

Even if you have an amazing idea for what you want to do, it might be not enough to win the NGOmap Contest. It will be a tough competition with a lot of people and organizations who also want to win. This is why you need to remember to provide a proper description of your initiative, where you briefly explain what the problem is and how you want to solve it. Add photos and make videos promoting your idea. Start your promotion using the Internet’s social networks. Ask your friends to help you to win.

Main prize

The creators of this programme believe that giving people a rod is better than giving them fish, so no money will be offered as prize. What they have for you is an opportunity to meet their experts from the Contest Board, to talk to them, to discuss your ideas with them and learn how to catch fish by yourself. The main prize is a study tour to Poland in October (17th-19th October) full of events. You will meet members from the Contest Board to talk about implementation of your projects, as well as experts from the Polish Ministry of Regional Development and representatives from Polish non-governmental organizations. You will take part in lectures about PR and marketing run by professionals from international PR agencies.

How to vote?

Every internet user can vote for any initiative he or she likes by using the Facebook "like" button. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Facebook account. You can use the Vkontakte "like" button.
Each country has its own set of initiatives and the one which will get the most votes (total number of votes from Facebook and Vkontakte "like" buttons) wins. For each Eastern Partnership country, only one initiative can win.


The Common Europe Foundation - established in December 2010 by graduates from the Centre for East European Studies at the University of Warsaw. Their aim is to work on bringing East European and European Union's societies closer. Their ambition is to initiate international debate on the future of the whole region. The main project of their Foundation is Eastbook.eu - Portal on Eastern Partnership. The Common Europe Foundation is a tight team of young people full of ideas and ready to reach for more so that they can give more to others.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic
Department of Human Rights & Transition Promotion Policy
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland
Department of Public and Cultural Diplomacy

Source: http://ngomap.eu/