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3rd New Drama Festival "Drama.UA", Lviv, Ukraine



Time: 27th–30th of September

Website: www.drabyna.org/drama

Source: http://drabyna.org/drama/

The festival organizers are talking about their festival:

Reasons for "Drama.UA"

It’s about the "contemporary"

We are interested in the "contemporary" and in the way we see it. We are going to talk about love and capitalism, violence and history, children’s imagination, psychology of women, pain and memory, dreams and losses.

It’s about the people

We gathered playwrights and stage directors, critics and artists, actors and scholars, theatre curators and translators, officials and salesmen, guards and teachers, students and waiters to discuss and face burning issues.

It’s about the forms

We consider theatre as one of the ways to interpret the reality. We will explore different possibilities of staging plays in the theatre, new ideas, plays and their readings, promote discussions and argumentations, stage pilot performances and their failures, foster the ability to work together and its consequences.

It’s about the places

We are going to analyze spaces and search them for theatre locations, intrude into routine activities, deal with new areas and their "natives"- factories, squares, coffeehouses and markets, streets and offices.

It’s about the processes

We have lost our beleif in representative festivals, but we believe that a process-driven festival that aims to establish new values is the way to go.

Festival Program

Stage readings, critical discussions, round tables, workshops and lectures given by famous European and Ukrainian playwrights and stage directors, theatre critics and artists are going to take place at this festival.

We have paid thorough attention to the translations of actual European authors, and this is the first time that nearly all plays will be translated into Ukrainian for the sake of the festival.

The "Drama.UA" festival consists of the following projects this year:

  • III "Drama.UA-2012" Ukrainian language playwriting competition; readings and sketches of the performances based on the plays of short listed playwrights; winners announcement;
  • "European Drama" which combines four separate projects: "British New Drama", "German New Dramaturgy", "Drama(t): UA-PL", "Scandinavian Dramaturgy". Each project involves performances, stage readings, meetings, lectures and workshops led by professional playwrights and experts;
  • "Ukrainian and British Stage Reading School" for young playwrights and actors headed by the famous British stage director Ramin Gray who will share his professional experience with the participants. Their cooperation will result in the stage reading of the play Constellations by Nick Payne;
  • "Drama Workshops" are designed for young playwrights who are participants of the III "Drama.UA-2012" Ukrainian language playwriting competition. The Ukrainian playwright Pavlo Arie, a German playwright Jens Hillje and a Polish playwright Mateusz Pakuła are going to run the workshops;
  • "The Translation Workshop" aims at presenting the translations of the latest European plays, holding a round table entitled "What do we translate European plays for? ";
  • "Post Poster" project- workshops for the young artists and designers to create visual images and posters highlighting modern drama;
  • "Analyzing Drama"- workshops for young critics targeted at comprehension, analysis, critical discussion of the modern dramaturgy. The workshops will be held by the professional critics Anna Lypkivska and Maya Harbuziuk.The invited guests are Johanna Wichowska and Sergey Vasiliev.