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Call for applications: Design Mercenaries, Slovakia



Culture centre Stanica Zilina-Zariecie in Slovakia organizes a workshop Design Mercenaries, which will take place between 5th and 10th of August 2013 in town of Žilina, Slovakia.


source: http://www.stanica.sk/2013/05/22/teh/?lang=en

The organizers are adressing the cultural activists with the question: DO YOU NEED HELP FROM ARCHITECTS/DESIGNERS WHO UNDERSTAND THE NEEDS OF YOUR CULTURAL CENTER?

The workshop will host parallel live design and architecture sessions to answer the needs of cultural spaces. An international group of design/architecture professionals will take up your issues and try to answer them with proposals that are unconventional, escape the blue-print and maybe need a bag, but not a load of money. Your experience will be of great value, as you will also assist some of the other participants with your insights and experiences.


The workshop will start with a Pecha Kucha of your design challenges, after which on the first day a plenary session will explore which sorts of issues are there to be dealt with and what expertise is to be partnered with each of the participants. From there, in four days of live design sessions, we will try to work out the best fix for each of the challenges mounted.

The program is complemented with two evenings of talks in which designers, architects and cultural managers give some inspiring backstage advice from their practices. Stanica and a variety of its different spaces self-built over the last 10 years, including the current transformation of a synagogue towards cultural purposes - will be an inspiring environment to confront your own catches, puzzles and dilemma’s.


12 people from Trans Europe Halles network or other independent cultural center.


The workshops are free of charge. The organizers do not cover the travel expences.

For more information please visit the website: