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Introduction to the Axis Syllabus educational platform, Germany

Information about institution: 

THE AXIS SYLLABUS is a system for cross-correlating movement principles, bringing pertinent information about training the body and movement practice into an accessible format, a user's manual for dancers, athletes and physiotherapists. This consolidation process has helped to clear up misunderstandings and question traditions that are outdated, sponsoring the protection and enhancing the skills of today's dancers and athletes, and the re-education of movement teachers, choreographers and project leaders the world over.

THE AXIS SYLLABUS RESEARCH COMMUNITY works to update and transmit the biomechanical principles organized in The AS system. Because the mission of the ASRC is to spread this valuable information, we study and draw from sociology, psychology, and pedagogy (the science of teaching), and strive towards an effective and ethical mode for teaching and learning.

The Axis Syllabus forms the context for a community of professionals trained and/or certified in various medical and physical sciences such as: neurology, mechanical engineering, osteopathy, kinesiology, Rolphing, Feldenkrais, Gyrotonic, Bart, Pilates, Laban; as well as diverse performing arts and movement disciplines such as: natural horsemanship, circus skills, voice, capoeira, african expressionism, ballet, yoga, contemporary, pantomime, physical theater and hip-hop.

The information in this site is meant to compliment and not replace medical assistance.