East European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP) supports the
development of contemporary performing arts (dance and theatre)
in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Call for Application from Performers and Researchers: Alto Festival (Naples, Italy). Deadline: 20 April


ALTO FEST is an international Festival of Performing Arts and Trans-disciplinary Interventions.
Its Fifth Edition will run July 8-12, 2015 in Naples
An international cultural project, generative and horizontal that is inserted in the innermost social-urban fabric by which it is hosted. The aim of the festival is summarized by the motto “to give rise to”, is to activate cultural and participative processes, promoting an experience of human and urban regeneration.

The program of the festival welcomes all the expressions of contemporary live arts, from theatre to visual arts, from dance to music, from cinema to writing, hosting interdisciplinary projects, originated by the dialogue among artists experimenting with original synergies and hybrid praxis. Today their presence makes ALTO FEST a crossroads of diversified languages and experimental aesthetics.

ALTO FEST is a Permanent Observatory focused on the “aesthetic experience” inviting the artists in program to relate their own project to the principle that generated the festival: To Give Rise To.

To Give Rise To is the principle of the Festival. To Give Rise To evokes the principle of gift, that is the basis of the festival, but also the conscious action, the choice that is the premise of this gift. To Give Rise To means also the aesthetic direction of the works and interventions that Alto Fest generates and welcomes. Interventions arising from a singular dialogue between the work and the space they are hosted by, that will let the other space emerge, the possible inner space, in the wrinkles of the inhabited spaces, giving new sense to shapes, objects, actions, practiced already, prepared already to relations and actions they host in everyday life.

Performers, researchers, art and thought practitioners, single or collective artists can apply for the following sections:

PROGRAM [performance, theatre, dance, music, interdisciplinary interventions]

CREATIVE RESIDENCIES [cinema, writing, Community’s Action Project]

CONTEST [“Operappartamento”] 

Amateur groups are excluded.

More details and info on how to apply here.

Alto Fest