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Call for applications: Atelier des Horizons


How are we shaped by what we do? How do we shape the world?

Starting with these preliminary questions, the 2020–21 training program of the Ateliers des Horizons joins forces with five feminist scholars and activists who will share, and encourage active use of, theoretical, practical, and technical tools developed in view of fostering the emancipation, transformation, and creativity of every participant.

The Ateliers des Horizons are open to anyone, regardless of their background, wishing to think actively and independently and to promote group  and personal research in a collective setting.

The training program Ateliers des horizons requires that the participants have curious minds, be active in their discipline and/or autodidacts, and that they be willing to share their research and experience with members of the group as well as the general public in Grenoble.

Required skills are : autonomy, writing and reading skills necessary for distance learning.
The working languages are French and English, but other languages may also be used.

Application timetable / 2018-2019

There are two steps in the admissions process:
1/ Preliminary selection based on the application

2/ An interview with the admissions panel in Grenoble or online.

Applications should preferably be sent in digital form to [email protected], or by post to MAGASIN des horizons / 8 esplanade Andry-Farcy / 38000 Grenoble / France.

The deadline to apply is 14 October. More info and details on how to apply here.