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Call for applications: Creative Force Programme funding 2015


The Creative Force programme provides funding for collaborative initiatives involving organisations in Sweden and in the regions specified below. Projects should aim to promote human rights, transparency and democracy with the aid of initiatives that use either culture or the media as a method for achieving change.


Two types of funding

  1. Seed funding
  2. Collaborative projects


Who can apply?

Applicants may be Swedish civil society organisations, foundations, public sector agencies, private sector agencies or other professional actors. It is always the Swedish partner in a collaboration who is formally responsible for the application and legally accountable to the Swedish Institute.

Five geographic areas

The Creative Force programme comprises the following geographic areas. Follow the links to see which countries are included in each region.

1. Creative Force Eastern Europe

(Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldavia, Ukraine)

2. Creative Force Western Balkans and Turkey

(Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey)

3.  Creative Force Russia

4.  Creative Force Africa

5.  Creative Force Middle East and North Africa


Creative Force aims to promote freedom of speech and the development of democratic structures, with particular emphasis on the rights of women and minorities. These aims shall be achieved via mutual learning processes and sustainable networks between professionals in Sweden and the programme countries listed below who work with either culture or the media to bring about change.

More specifically, the programme is intended to contribute to one or more of the following objectives:

  1. A more pluralistic civil society.
  2. Improved conditions for democratic accountability to the people.
  3. Freer and more independent media.
  4. Stronger rights and greater respect for/recognition of vulnerable groups such as children and LGBTQ persons as well as ethnic and religious minorities.
  5. Greater awareness and reduced levels of discrimination and intolerance.
  6. Women and men increasingly have equal power to shape society and their own lives.

Projects may be carried out in Sweden or in one or more of the programme countries. Priority will be given to initiatives which take place in programme countries and to regional collaborations.


Next call for funding

The next (and final) call for funding for 2015 – this time Seed Funding only – opens on 8 April and will close on 18 May (24.00 Swedish time). Updated information about the terms of the programme as well as all the necessary application documents will be available on this website when the call opens.

Read more about how you can apply here.


For more information, please contact one of the following persons, preferably by email:

Judith Black, programme manager Creative Force Russia and Creative Force Eastern Europe
Lejla Hastor, programme manager Creative Force Western Balkans and Turkey



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Creative Force Programme page

Creative Force - Swedish Institute Facebook page