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Call for Artists: Blueproject Foundation Residency (Spain)


Application deadline: 26 July 2017


The BLUEPROJECT FOUNDATION is a non-profit entity based in Barcelona whose main aim is to support and promote national and international artistic creation. This service is offered through a residency programme that provides support for artists and exhibits and promotes work that is both relevant to and a reflection of today's aesthetic, social and intellectual issues. The participating Artists will be chosen according to the conditions established in this CALL FOR ARTISTS, outlined below:



1. Participants

This call is open to any artist interested as an individual or on behalf of a group or company, regardless of their age, nationality or creative discipline.

2. Proposals / projects

Submissions should be for original and unexhibited works, with a maximum of two proposals per person (one individual and one collective). The residency grant is for the design, formalization and production of the project. Participants will also have access to the facilities of the El Taller space (if needed) with the subsequent goal of exhibiting in the Blueproject Foundation’s Sala Project, if necessary.

Projects submitted may include any artistic-cultural sphere understood as: painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, drawing, design, music, film, video, action, installation, writing, events, performances, cultural management, edition, poetry, ecology, gastronomy, theatre, dance, or any other art form, regardless of the format or technique used.

If our workspace is needed during the residency, participants must be able to develop their projects in a maximum one-month residency during the usual business hours of the Foundation (Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 8pm).


Contribution of the Blueproject Foundation

The Foundation commits to providing a range of materials and human resources for the proper development of the winning projects.

  • Use of the entire El Taller space for a maximum period of one month (for each of the three selected projects) to develop the selected project. The use of this space includes free wifi, basic cleaning of the space and the tools and resources at the Foundation's disposal. CALL FOR ARTISTS 2018
  • Exhibition in the Sala Project in 2018, if necessary, for a MAXIMUM DURATION of 2 months. The period in which these exhibitions will be held is from March to September 2018. The specific dates will be agreed with the winning.
  • Economic contribution of a TOTAL of 16,000 euros net (all charges included) to be shared among the three winning projects, used to cover the project costs or any other expenses directly related to the purpose of the proposal (assembly, exhibition mechanisms, flights, accommodation and expenses, in the case of artists that do not reside in Barcelona, etc.).
  • Contribution to the optimal development of the projects through the provision of any information and resources possible within the budgetary and staffing constraints of the Blueproject Foundation.
  • Communication and promotion of the proposal as well as its exhibition using all possible resources of the Foundation (press, web, social networks etc).


To find aout more and apply, please visit www.blueprojectfoundation.org