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Call for Papers: 2nd International Music and Dance Studies Symposium "Memory and Cultural Heritage," Karadeniz Technical University State Conservatory, Trabzon, Turkey, 18-22 October, 2016


Deadline: 1st April, 2016


2nd International Music and Dance Studies Symposium titled as "Memory and Cultural Heritage" will be held by Karadeniz Technical University State Conservatory between the dates of 18-22 October, 2016 at KTU Prof. Dr. Osman Turan Culture and Congress Centre in Trabzon, Turkey.

The aim of the symposium is to create a communication bridge between the researchers from various countries, traditions and disciplines as well as enable interdisciplinary studies. Many scientists, academics and musicians in social sciences, music and related disciplines from Turkey and other countries participated in the 1st International Music Studies Symposium titled as "Music and Cultural Texture" which was held by KTU State Conservatory in 2012. This time, we aim to broaden the content of the symposium in music and dance studies.

Music and dance which are two of the most effective tools in the analysis of society appear as important expressions of construction and transmission of the cultural identity.Because of that point of view, symposium is entitled as "Memory and Cultural Heritage".

Culture, memory, heritage and identity concepts are considered as intertwined with each other, therefore culture is a concept linked to a collective memory and tradition. Cultural memory is one of the most important factors in the transmission of common values, habits and lifestyles in society. Especially when it is considered in terms of music and dance performances, the close relationship between memory and cultural heritage is remarkable and addressed with interdisciplinary approach in recent years.

In this context, the main topic of the symposium is "Memory and Cultural Heritage" in the relationship between music and dance with all the social and cultural structures, to be discussed and evaluated by scientists.




  • Studies in music and dance archives, multimedia library and protection of music and dancing materials
  • Migration and diaspora studies
  • Social and cultural change
  • Iconography and music writing
  • Cultural memory in terms of music and dance psychology
  • Cultural identity and identity studies
  • Ideology in music and dance historiography
  • Popular culture and cultural memory


The scope of the symposium is not limited to the above subtitles.

Participation is possible in all topics that associated with "Memory and Cultural Heritage".

The language of the symposium is Turkish and / or English.


Requirements for paper abstracts: Abstracts should be limited to 250-300 words and include the related keywords. The presentations will be accepted in the form of paper, panel and poster.

Paper: It is kindly requested that the paper abstracts written with the specified subjects under the main topic and subtitles along by filling the application form for abstract on the web site to be sent to symposium e-mail address till deadline. For each paper 20 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes of discussion, a total of 30 minutes will be assigned.


To find out more, please visit the Karadeniz Technical University State Conservatory website.