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development of contemporary performing arts (dance and theatre)
in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Call for Submissions: SzólóDuó 2020 International Dance Festival (Budapest, Hungary)


Deadline1 November 2019


Short new dance productions wanted

15-18 January 2020 | Budapest – Hungary

The competition program of the Festival can receive 20 solo and 20 duo performances to avoid overstressing the jury and the audience. We want to ensure the possibility for everyone to perform regardless of the large number of applications, therefor SzoloDuo Festival is going to be completed with nomination-rounds. The nomination rounds will be held in three different countries.

The festival can not host performances in which there is no intention for a unique presentation, which means improvisations without any structure, or a choreography that was performed before will not be accepted.

Application deadline to the Hungarian-nomination round: 1 November 2019.
Application deadline to the video round: 1 November 2019

(The latest arrival date of the application form, the youtube link, and the registration fee!)

If the applicant wishes to perform his /her show live in the Hungarian nomination-round is welcome but his/her trip is self-financed.




Conditions for application:

Winners of the previous year in Budapest festival (best solo or duo) can go into the competition program automatically without taking part in any of the pre-nomination rounds.

This year we would like to emphasize the professional evaluation of each performance.

The sequence of the performances will be decided by chance.

We will ensure the same light technique and the same time-extent for the stage rehearsal for all the participants of the Festival. You can see the detailes in the technical rider.


The foundation can give supported accommodation to 15 foreign participants in our studio, but can not pay the travelling and the catering costs.


Find out more at szoloduo.com