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Crowdfunding campaign: Focus Atelier Chisinau by Centrul de Proiecte Culturale AzArt (Moldova and Romania)


Centre for Cultural Projects AZART is organizing a crowdfunding campaign for the Focus Atelier Chisinau project.

Focus Atelier Chisinau is part of the Focus Atelier project initiated by Reciproca Asociation. Throughout the month of March, 2016, Focus Atelier hosted workshops, theater performances, film screenings and debates on the topic of education and artistic pedagogy in cities as Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu and Bucharest.

Focus Atelier Chisinau aims be a pilot edition, conducted at a smaller scale, and a first step towards a long term cooperation that we want to establish with the cultural operators from Romania. As well this is going to become the foundation of a channel for exchanging practices and ideas that links the cultural environment from the both regions, Cluj and Chisinau.

In the Focus Atelier Chisinau, we’ll organize a workshop named ”Forum Theatre  & Invisible Theatre”, facilitated by George Wielgus (UK) and Lorand Maxim (Romania), a debate on ”Theatre Dedicated to Community” and a series of documentaries screening, followed by open debates with the public.

  1. ”Forum Theatre & Invisible Theatre” - consists of a system of games and exercises that participants can detach from the way society works, they can reconstruct and analyze the consequences of their actions. Forum Theatre involves a process of critical reflection and dialogue on freedom. These exercises can be used as tools which cultivate feelings of tolerance, compassion, good understanding and creativity. We talk about the synergy between education and theater, about theater as a device in the training processes and as a pedagogical tool. The workshop is intended for absolutely everyone who is interested in a non-formal education accessible to all. Through these activities we want to promote education through art on a larger scale.

  2. Debate – ”Theater dedicated to community”. The interest for community theater it therefore falls, by default, on the interest of expressing yourself freely, to do politics, to challenge the status quo or to heal wounds. The consumers of this type of theater is more than a target audience. They are involved in the process of creating a performance. This artistic practice is a step towards democratization of art for its removal from under the background imperative and bringing the artistic practice available to any citizen. Community theater is defined, obviously only in relation to a community, but, in turn, is an instrument of collective redefinition.

  3The documentaries which we will present, puts into discussion the subject of education and free access to it. The approached topics are the institutionalized prejudices, the vicious circle of poverty and the difficulties of education, the fight against education as a trade etc.

The money raised from your donations willl be used to cover, partially, the expenses for 16 nights accommodation and meals for trainers Lorand Claudiu Maxim and George Wilgus and promo materials.

Participation during all events, in the frame on Focus Atelier Chisinau, is free.


You can support the project here.