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Emerging Dance Writers Wanted for Springback Academy 2020 (Rijeka, Croatia)


Deadline: 17 January 2020

Springback Academy 2020: emerging dance writers wanted! from AerowavesEurope on Vimeo.


Springback Academy at Spring Forward Festival

24 -26 April 2020 Rijeka, Croatia



A project designed to stimulate dialogue about dance and performance whilst striving to improve and promote written criticism online 

After Umeå, Barcelona, Pilsen, Aarhus, Sofia and Paris, Springback Academy will once again offer aspiring dance writers the chance to be mentored in the fundamentals of quality dance criticism in the action-packed environment of Spring ForwardAerowaves annual festival will take place this year in Rijeka, Croatia on Friday 24, Saturday 25, and Sunday 26 April 2020.

Under the guidance of four experienced dance writers, participants have the chance to create, shape and share conversations about dance and hone their critical writing skills for a number of different formats. It's a fast-track way to gain experience and technique in responsible, effective, attractive dance criticism as well as to explore and understand the opportunities that digital publishing has to offer.
PLUS – Two years ago now, Springback Magazine was launched. The publication’s contributors are drawn exclusively from writers who have participated in the Springback Academy programme and who are part of the ever-growing community of Springback Academy ‘graduate’ writers.

Check out Springback Magazine

If selected for the project, Aerowaves will provide mentorship, accommodation, hospitality, a pass to the festival and the opportunity to participate in future Springback activities.

Participants will be required to organise and fund their own return travel to Rijeka.

What Springback Academy 2020 will entail:

We are looking for up to 10 opinionated people with an interest in, or some prior experience of writing about dance. The participants will be mentored in critical writing by our lead critics including Donald Hutera (The Times, London), Sanjoy Roy (The Guardian, London) Kelly Apter (The Scotsman) and Laura Cappelle (New York Times).


During the Spring Forward festival each participant will:

  • Attend an introductory lecture about dance writing given by Sanjoy Roy followed by an extended Q & A session.
  • Have the opportunity to meet informally with the 200 strong Spring Forward audience made up almost exclusively of dance professionals including Springback writers from previous years. 
  • Write short reviews in English (140 words) of several of the performances they see over the weekend. They will work to tight deadlines so that their reviews can be published each day on the Aerowaves/Springback website
  • Generate ultra-short reviews, provocations, opinions and questions to share on Twitter - using #Springback to gather the conversations
  • Participate in a round-table and/or panel discussions 

Contribute one longer, opinion-style piece for the Aerowaves website in the week after the festival — to allow for greater reflection or to draw themes and bigger ideas together

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Find out more at https://aerowaves.org/springback/features/article/springback-2020-open-call-is-open