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Faces without Masks Theatre Festival (Macedonia): Call for Entries


The INTERNATIONAL THEATRE FESTIVAL 'FACES WITHOUT MASKS' showcases independent professional production, and promotes alternative and experimental expression. It seeks to encourage, promote and establish inventive contemporary theatre.
The 11th edition of the Festival “Faces without Masks” is going to showcase the best theatre performances that comply with the festival’s principles.
The festival is organized by an independent professional theatre production from Skopje, the “Theatre 007”. Over the past ten years, it has  established itself as an important impetus in the theatre life in Macedonia.
An open call for festival entries is announced to all interested professional theatre companies throughout the world. Entries can be submitted by 15 January, 2018.
The selection will be announced on 1 February 2018 at the latest.

The official application form is available HERE

INTERNATIONAL THEATRE FESTIVAL "FACES WITHOUT MASKS“ is announcing an open call for participation in the competitive programme of the 11th Festival edition, to be held 12-16 April 2018, in Skopje, Macedonia.

The main focusis to promote alternative, innovative and experimental theatre created by young authors around the world. The aim is to present the best of theatrical aesthetics in the world. All are invited to send their applications to Festival Head Office address:

International Theatre Festival FACES WITHOUT MASKS Congress Centre Aleksandar Makedonski (Universal Hall –Skopje) bul. “Partizanski odredi” b.b. 1000 Skopje, R.Macedonia

or to: [email protected], by 15 January 2018 at the latest. Applications received beyond the stated deadline will not be considered.

* All types of theatre are represented at the festival, with selection priority being given to non- verbal, mime, open stage spectacles, musical or silent plays, alternative and experimental projects, dance ect.


The festival will also organise a  workshop held by professional theatre workers.
Every theatre group should propose their own mentor and send brief info or concept description for the workshops which will take place within the festival programme.
The theatre workshop is intended for all participants of the festival. There will be only one workshop which will be held the day after the performance of every theatre group. The purpose of these workshops is to exchange experiences and knowledge of theatre.

More details available here.