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FALL ON PLUTO: documentary performance about man and time (Lviv, Ukraine)


"Fall on Pluto" is a performance, based on long-term interaction between artists and senior residents of a geriatric home in Lviv. The artists work at intersection of performatory practices, audio-design, media-art, puppet and documentary theatre. The main aim of the project is to attract public attention to socially excluded groups and make the spectators take a new look at the issues of life responsibility, human dignity and kindness.

From the artists:

About this project

Lviv Geriatric House is a Soviet-style place for co-ageing. People have ended up there for a variety of reasons; they’ve been through different life journeys, but now, when they have got old, they have something in common – they are unwanted and invisible for society.

We believe that art can make a difference, especially through local projects, which provoke discussions, reflections and actions. Our project is more than a social and theatrical one. We chose a cross-disciplinary integrated approach to immerse ourselves into such a complicated issue. The team includes activists and professionals, people of different opinions, mindsets and occupations: a stage director, a choreographer, an art-therapist, a photographer, a composer, a sociologist-analyst and performers.

For a year now, we have been actively communicating with residents of a geriatric house, collecting their life stories, retrospections and reflections. Looking them into the eyes, we were looking into the eyes of our fears. It has been a dramatic experience and we have no right to leave it exclusively for ourselves. We are working on a performance to make the issue visible for the society and are studying the phenomenon to break the loop of suffering.

 Beyond social tasks, we have challenged ourselves with a number of quite difficult artistic tasks – the performance is being created at the intersection of audio design, performatory practices, media art, puppet and documentary theatre.

The project can be supported at its Kickstarter crowdfunding page.