East European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP) supports the
development of contemporary performing arts (dance and theatre)
in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Funding from Danish Arts Foundation: Performing arts - Ad hoc international activities


Deadline: 2 September 2019, 1 November 2019


Performing arts - Ad hoc international activities

Who may apply?

Professionals active in the performing arts.

Names of applicants to The Committee for Performing Arts Project Funding will be published  in the report from the assessment meeting on the homepage, www.kunst.dk.

If your work includes different disciplines or areas of artistic expression, you can find more information on how to apply here

Purpose of the program

The Committee for Performing Arts Project Funding has created a smaller fund with multiple annual deadlines to accommodate the need of subsidies for ad hoc activties within the performing arts. The maximum funding is 30,000 DKK.

This fund only supports ad hoc activities. Only projects that cannot be planned in a timely manner are eligble to apply.

If you need funding for regular international activities, please see the fund 'International Activities'

The Committee for Performing Arts Project Funding seeks to develop and promote Danish performing arts through interaction with the international performing arts scene. We achieve this by supporting:

Activities in Denmark

  • International guest performances
  • Networking and research (including international guest participation at performances in DK)
  • International artist residencies in Denmark

Activities abroad

  • Touring activities
  • Networking and research (including participation in workshops as a speaker) for the purpose of international collaborations such as co-productions
  • Residencies abroad

How your application will be evaluated?

In considering your application, emphasis is placed on:

  • Performing arts of the highest artistic quality
  • Activities that aim directly at furthering the applicant's development
  • Guest performances/touring activities that involve performances and/or related activities (e.g. networking, workshops/masters classes, research etc.)
  • Activities based on documented mutual interest regarding resources and sustainable future collaborations
  • Activities where knowledge-sharing is envisaged in a Danish performing arts context

Funding is not granted to:

  • educational purposes for individuals
  • expenses related to new productions

The assessment of artistic quality emphasizes:

  • Strong and original artistic intentions - rich in content and clearly expressed artistic vision
  • clear deliberations on the interplay between form and content
  • the ability to modify content in favour of precisely shaped artistic expression
  • the ability and commitment to exploring the full expression of the dramatic arts
  • a clear focus on audience profile

The Committee for Performing Arts Project Funding reserves the right to balance grant decisions in terms of:

  • age diversity (adults, youth and children)
  • genre diversity
  • geographical diversity

Details of previous grant awards to the applicant, in 3 year retrospect, from Danish Arts Foundation (from 2014 onwards) or from the Danish Arts Council (before 2014), will form part of the assessment of the application.

What the application must contain?

The following specific information must be entered directly into the application form:

  • short project description
  • links to relevant details (e.g. festivals, residencies or collaboration partners). NB! The applicant is responsible for ensuring that all links are active

The following attachments must accompany the application:

Examples of key indicators and activities:

  • Touring and/or guest plays: number of performances/shows, audience numbers, any related activities (i.e workshops or other activities)
  • Network and research: number of new relevant aquired contacts, number of relevant meetings with artists, institutions, organizations or other.
  • Residencies: number of newly acquired contacts (i.e. key people, institutions), number of showings of work (establishing actual shows are not mandatory), number of related activities (workshops, masterclasses etc.)


How much you may apply for?

With regard to the different project types, the following expenditure is prioritized:

  • International guest performances in Denmark - accommodation and domestic transport costs
  • International touring activity - travel and transport costs
  • Networking activities - travel and accommodation costs up DKK 15.000
  • International guests to Danish performances, up to DKK 2.000 per guest
  • Artist residencies - travel and accommodation costs, and for residencies of over three weeks duration - per diem and/or honorariums (up to DKK 10.000 per month), in so far as the applicant does not already receive administrative support


Find out more at https://www.kunst.dk/english/funding/subsidies/tilskud/performing-arts-international-activities/